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Lusty Lit 2018 The Taste of Wine

It’s 10 at night as I sit down checking my phone to see if I have a message from you.  Eagerly I wait for your arrival.

There is a pair of jeans and one of my work shirts sprawled out on the Black Label Esse Lounger so I grab them and toss them into the closet.  I didn’t want a bunch of things cluttering up my room.

Hearing a knock at the front door I walk over and open it.  You come straight inside and turn to face me. You stare at me while slightly twisting your shoulders, almost bashfully.  I reach out placing a hand behind your head and the other on your lower back while you simultaneously embrace me. Our lips quickly lock as we fall against the wall.

We head to the kitchen and I hear a slight chuckle before feeling you grab my butt from behind, followed by you making an, “mmm” sound.  I pause and look at you for a moment and say “I don’t mind. Go ahead and grab it all you want,” followed by a casual smile before continuing into the kitchen.

With music playing in the background we eat our meal and finish a bottle of wine while catching up on what’s been going on in our lives.

We finish our food and move upstairs where I play some romantic Spanish guitar music on the record player.  You sit down on the Black Label Esse Lounger. You started fiddling with one of the clips on the side of the lounger and asked me what it was for.  After placing the needle to start the first track I walk over to the bed, reach under, and pull up a handful of restraint straps.

I ask, “want me to strap you down?”  A brief blush comes to your face, you momentarily bit your lip, and then nodded yes.

You walk over to me and take my shirt and I quickly remove yours.  I push you up against the mirrored closet door and started making out with you, firmly grasping your breast in one hand and ass in the other.

I start kissing you across your collar and down to your chest.  Our pants quickly come off followed by your bra. Setting you down on the Esse I run my hand through your hair while kissing your lips.  Feeling a surge of intensity I decide to lightly bite your lower lip, caress your nipple with my hand, and run my other hand along the inside of your leg as I continue kissing you.

My mouth moves over your chest.  My lips and tongue greet your nipple, providing a sense of foreshadowing.

“I love your strong hands grabbing me,” you say after I firmly grab your waist with one hand.  You trace one finger around my lips and run another down my chest.

Pulling your ass forward and spreading your legs I move my lips down and across your belly, teasing you while kissing across your sexy red underwear, then moving out along your leg.  I can feel your body responding to my lips as you close your eyes and place your hands on your chest, tilting your head to one side. My mouth comes back to the middle of your legs, I move your underwear to the side and press my lips against you.  While grabbing your chest with one hand I remove your underwear with the other, then slip my tongue inside of you. I begin carefully licking the side of your clit with the tip of my tongue. Your body twitches to the rhythm I have set and you respond with letting out moans of ecstasy.

Continuing to grab and squeeze your body with my hands.  I feel your back arch as my tongue begins moving in firm rhythmic circles.  Your legs spread out farther and you place a hand on the back of my head. You press harder and with quicker repetition, so I respond the same with my tongue.  Your sexy moans get louder and pitch up higher, causing me to become even more aroused, more so than seems possible.

“Yeah, right fucking there!” You shout, starting from a high pitch.  Your hands move on top of mine and press them even more firmly into your chest.  “Grab my ankles,” you demand. I slide my hands out from under your firm grip and place them around your ankles, which I separate even farther apart.  Your body quakes and trembles as you allow me to take full control of your body.

“I’m close,” you gasp.

Your pussy squeezes ever so slightly tighter as pulses flow through the muscles all over the body.  Beautiful sounds of warmth escape your mouth as you come to a long orgasm. I continue exactly what I was doing, the same pressure and at the same speed until I feel your body loosen.

With your legs still spread move to I sit with mine on top of yours.  I lightly place my hands upon your shoulders and run my thumbs outward along the goosebumps which have appeared.  You stare at me in a shy silence for a few connecting moments before beaming a big smile. You move your gaze up to the ceiling.

“Wow,” you blurt out.  “That was.” and you stop briefly. “Mmm,” you wordlessly exclaim as you raise your arms in the air and place them behind your head.  I gently kiss your chest while firmly grasping your waist.

We move to the bed.

“I told you I was going to strap you down and I never got a chance to do so,” I commented.

“I guess I’ll just have to come back again,” you mocked.

“It’s a deal.”

We lay here for a while before drifting off to sleep.

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