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Lusty Lit 2018 Seduction of the Tomboy

The girl took a sip of wine and felt her cheeks flush. She still wasn’t sure what was happening. An hour ago she’d been working at the bookstore when a woman had come in asking questions about erotica. Painfully shy, the girl was instantly mortified but the woman was so lively and engaging that she soon relaxed. The girl found herself mesmerized by the woman – she was tall with long auburn hair and a throaty laugh. Her body curved in all the right places making the girl self-conscious about her skinny figure and short boyish pixie haircut. The woman found the book she was looking for and as she waited in line a handsome man joined her. Power emanated from him. As the girl watched, the woman gave him a lingering kiss and whispered something to him. He turned and took in the girl, his intense gaze making her stomach flutter. She knew her face was burning and looked away. The man and woman approached and before the girl knew it they were inviting her to dinner at their home. Her mind told her it was foolish to go but she felt unable to resist and the next thing she knew she was in their kitchen, sipping wine.

“So tell us, do you have a boyfriend?” the woman asked, a playful smile on her lips. The girl shook her head. “A girlfriend then?” No. She didn’t know how to explain, that she was confused about herself. She didn’t know who she was attracted to and at 20 was still a virgin. The woman finished her wine and winked at her husband. “I think we ladies will go play for a bit while you get dinner ready.” He leaned over and gave her a long, slow kiss, making the girl squirm. 

They went down the hall into a dimly lit room. There was a plush couch, huge TV and in the center of the room, a large burgundy chaise with a curve in it. “Welcome to our pleasure room,” the woman stood close to the girl. “We like to indulge in here, especially on our Liberator Esse,” and she nodded toward the chaise. The girl was aware of a pulsing between her legs. “Now, I have just the thing that will look perfect on you,” and she rummaged through a dresser. “Ah, here it is.” She held up a pale blue silk teddy. “Put that on for me.” The girl acquiesced and stood in front of a mirror, feeling sexy for the first time ever. The woman came up behind the girl and adjusted the straps. “Gorgeous.” Her hands brushed across the girl’s small breasts, lingering for a moment before she turned her around and gave her a soft kiss, slipping her tongue into the girl’s mouth. She pulled back and smiled at the stunned girl. “Let’s go show you off.”

Back in the kitchen, the woman announced, “Look what I found for our new friend to wear tonight.” The man turned and again, his eyes devoured the girl. The woman said, “My husband is quite taken with you. Just look how you’ve turned him on.” The girl’s eyes went to his torso and opened wide at the huge bulge in his pants. “Come,” the woman took the girl and her husband each by the hand and brought them to the pleasure room. The man slipped off his pants and sat on the Esse. He began stroking his cock. There was a small cushion on the floor. “Get on your knees,” the woman said. The girl knelt and the woman guided her head toward the man’s dick. “Open your mouth and look up at him,” the woman instructed. The girl did as she was told. He pushed himself into her mouth, “Suck it slowly,” she did and heard him moan softly. His hands found her head and held it in place, as he thrust deeper down her throat. She gagged and tears came into her eyes. The man moaned again and began to move himself faster and faster when suddenly the woman pulled the girl off and stood her up. The man reclined on the Esse, legs spread, cock erect. “That’s for you, climb on,” the woman whispered. The girl stammered, “I’ve never…” but stopped, mortified. “Don’t worry, he’ll go slowly,” the woman said. She straddled him nervously and he began sucking on her nipples. Her pussy ached to be filled. The woman pushed her down and guided the man’s cock so that the head was at the opening of her pussy. “Relax,” she said to the girl as he pushed himself into her, his eyes on her the entire time. “Oh,” she gasped. She bit her lip from the pain but it was mixed with intense pleasure. He went a little deeper and the woman began to move the girl up and down slowly on his cock. The girl felt something building inside of her and just as it was about to explode the woman stopped her, maneuvering her off the man. The girl was breathless, pussy throbbing. He stood as the woman instructed the girl to lie on the Esse, slipping a cushion underneath her. The woman knelt on her knees and spread the girls legs. “Now it’s my turn,” she said. The girl felt the woman’s tongue press gently onto her clit as a wave of pleasure shot through her. Fingers slid in and began slowly pumping her deeply. She looked up and saw the man behind his wife, holding her hips, thrusting into her. The woman’s tongue swirled on her clit and she felt the climax building. She cried out as the orgasm shot through her, her body shaking. At the same moment the man shuddered and groaned loudly as he came in his wife. Dazed, the girl started to get up but the woman stopped her. “Darling,” she said as she massaged a large dildo , “we’re just getting started.”

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