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Lusty Lit 2018: The Gang’s All Here

Xiomara set the table, taking care to line the silverware up neatly beside each plate. She stepped back, “It’s missing something. Don’t you think?” she asked the tabby at the other end of the table. “You’re right, flowers!” Xiomara whirled over to a cabinet and swung it open. “If I can find a vase, I can cut roses from the garden.”

Chirp. Chirp. Xiomara’s phone lit up. “Marco! Did your plane land?” She smiled. “Dinner’s ready! I made picadillo, your favorite! How was Toronto?” Xiomara’s face dropped, “You promised you’d be home! What do you mean start without you, I can’t celebrate your birthday alone! No, I understand… Love you, too.”

Xiomara frowned and looked at the cat. “Well Roo, it’s just us tonight. Daddy’s extending his business trip… again.” She scooped up the cat, “You like picadillo, don’t you?”

After dinner Xiomara went upstairs, Roo following dutifully behind. “I can’t believe I wore my good underwear, what a waste.” She pushed the straps of her dress off, letting it fall to the ground, pooling into a puddle of fabric at her feet. Slipping her dress onto a hanger she eyed a cardboard box in the corner. “Maybe I will celebrate without him…” She hung the dress up and pulled the box into the room. Inside, an assortment of toys were piled in an orgy of silicone and plastic. Xiomara pulled out a large dildo. “What do you think? Is this the lucky one?”

Roo blinked slowly, uninterested.

“No?” She dropped it back into the box and dug deeper, grabbing a smaller toy. “What about this? It’s never failed me.” She waved it at the cat. Roo hissed and bolted out the door. “It was time for you to leave anyway!” She yelled while tipping the box over with a foot, spilling toys onto the floor. She looked at the mess. “Who’s it going to be?” She scanned her options. “Tom? Dick? Harry?” She lingered on the trio of dildos that had rolled almost under the bed. She looked back to the closet and spied the merlot-colored BonBon, a gift from her husband. She grabbed it, running her fingers over the velvety fabric, ideas quickly forming into a perfectly salacious plan.

“Why choose just one…” Xiomara gathered her dildos tossing them onto the bed. Those with suctions cups she pressed against the flat of her headboard. Soon she had a bevy of beautiful dicks, erect and ready. Next she lifted the BonBon onto the bed and inserted her favorite dildo into its opening.

Admiring her work, Xiomara grabbed her phone. She popped open a message. “I didn’t know you invited company…” She bit her lip and tapped the screen, with a whoosh, the message was off.

Her phone chirped. “Company? What are you talking about Xo?”

“Your friends.” Xiomara typed back.

“Who? Are you ok?” Marco pressed.

Xiomara unhooked her bra, slipped out of her panties, and straddled the BonBon, her mounted collection of cocks at the ready. She snapped a selfie. “They said you sent them to keep me company!” Xiomara typed, her pussy ached, waiting to lower herself onto the toy below. She waited for Marco to reply. She could see he was typing something, little dots appearing then disappearing from the screen. Finally her phone chirped again.

“Right! I’ve been so busy, I forgot they were stopping by!.”

Xiomara grinned. “If I knew they were coming, I would have put on something more appropriate.” Xiomara snapped another photo, this time she pushed her bare breasts next to a fat, veiny dildo stuck to the headboard. “But I don’t think they mind.”

“What are they doing to you?” Marco shot back.

Xiomara wrapped her lips around another cock. She held up her phone and filmed as she took the cock into her mouth, pushing deeply, gagging as it hit the back of her throat. She let it slide from her mouth, a strand of spit clinging between the toy and her tongue. “He tastes so good…”

“What else?” Marco replied instantly.

“Your friend wants to put his big cock inside me. Should I let him?”

“YES!” Xiomara could practically hear Marco yelling through the screen.

With her knees against either side of the BonBon, Xiomara lowered herself onto the waiting cock. Pushing its thick head past her pussy lips and deep inside. She bounced and let out a moan. She tapped record. “Oh, yes!” She squealed as she rocked back and forth. She aimed the camera down as she lifted up off the BonBon, exposing the dildo slick with her own juices. “Marco, I didn’t know you had friends with such big cocks!” She groaned into the camera. She dropped back down onto the toy, the bulging head again pushing its way deep inside. Xiomara leaned forward taking another cock into her mouth, sucking it, running her tongue up the shaft and around the head, the whole time imagining it really was one of Marco’s friends. She let the cocks slap against her face as she moved from one dick to another, giving each of them the attention they deserved. She began to feel the familiar ache spreading across her inner thighs and up into her pussy, she knew she was about to come. She stopped everything and hit send.

“Come for me!” Marco sent back.

“Your friend wants to shoot his load inside me. Should I let him?” Imagining she was sitting on a throbbing cock ready blow.

“YES!” All caps, he was ready to come, too.

Tapping record for the last time, she rode her dildo hard, the BonBon holding firmly onto her toy, the dildo pushing against her g-spot, the shaft sliding against her clit. A wave began crashing over her, she braced against the headboard, her impromptu party guests pushing against her face. Her body began to shake, she screamed as the orgasm hit. “Happy birthday!”

She hit send.

“I’m coming home. I’ll catch a redeye.”

“The gang and I are waiting.” 

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