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Lusty Lit 2018 A Sapiosexual Thank You Note

My Darling,

It is this very type of event that powerfully triggers, the sapiosexual aspect of me. I am so delighted, excited, turned on and grateful that you found the exact words, and actions – to solve the whole problem so quickly!! Genius! Brilliant! You hit it exactly! For days I have been chewing over how to fix this! I adore you so! With that extraordinarily insightful and understanding mind, you once again displayed a level of extreme intelligence that just sexually arouses me–instantly! A vigorous display of cerebral peacock tail!! I want to worship, excite and cherish the precious vehicle (your sexy body!) that transports that Brilliant Mind.

I want to pamper, titillate and reward you in as many sexual ways as I can think of  —  to show gratitude to that Mind!

Here is what I would like to do to you:

First, I think I must create a special atmosphere with music that thrums and tickles the roots of us, and lighting that is very soft, but bright enough to see what is going on with no harsh glares. I think the Esse II Black Label is just the ticket for this event!  I will wear that black fishnet “A” drawer body stocking that you adore. You know – the one that has no crotch up to my waist in front, nice cut out behind too for bottom viewing and cutouts instead of cups, so that you can have visual access to my luscious breasts and easily view sweet yearning yoni as well. Black fishnet everywhere else.

You need no decoration, since it is the Mind that is being worshiped via your body. You will be naked, relaxed and ready to be worshiped. I will help you get comfortable on the Esse, lay on your back. I will help you relax.

I plan to pet you, stroke you, cherish you from head to toe. Give you slow sweet thank you kisses where ever you point to.. all over.

I will start now by oiling your whole body, softly applying the warm oil and stroking in into your skin. Warm strokes. Everywhere. Toes, up your legs to your thighs with long soothing strokes. A few little slippery side swipe strokes on the inner thighs to awaken the sleeping dragon. Shoulders worked and loosened of tension, same with the neck and arms. I will use coconut oil – so appreciated by the skin and delicious, in case I get any .. in my mouth…

Of course there are areas I will be especially attracted to since your brilliant Mind does affect my sexual ‘on button’ in a very big way… so when it comes to – say – oiling the root of you – I would most likely linger there since he is so fascinating, andhe sends the Mind a happy vibe. So of course he would get extra attention. As I am stroking him you might reach up to caress my breasts, but – oh, my, you would distract me from my ‘thank you’ plan! I will just put these little restrains around your wrists and keep those hot little hands out of my way for the moment. So, now that you are comfy and secure I will pay a little more attention down here. Perhaps a few little licks on the tip of your tentacle, oh the coconut oil tastes yummy! I will put a bit more on but oh, you know how that goes! My lips get so slippery, next thing you know  woops! He has slipped into my mouth, and all the way down my throat! I swallow him and you gasp as my throat constricts around him.. I let him out and slip down your pole again! lovely, yes? Oh yes! So much fun engulfing your very own cock with any part of me! I will lick and suck you for a while but no coming! Soon I will release the restraints and flip the Esse and off we go!  I will crawl all over you, licking, nibbling, rubbing as you desire. and of course I would allow and encourage your hands to have access to any and all parts that excite you as well… Oil, more oil! I can easily position a coconut oiled yoni above your face – she would love your tongue to tickle her while I continue to slurp and swallow your magic wand. I could oil the luscious breasts, slip down and capture your wand in the cleavage and suck him while he slithers around in the warmth of the lusciousness or I could sit on top of you, and grab the sneaky snake, more oil and rub him all over my tummy while you fondle and admire the slippery oiled breasts. I could climb on and ride that varmint forwards or backwards! Either way the view will be good for you.. if you can keep your eyes open! Perhaps you would like to oil the bottom to apply a tiny spanking to remind the goddess brain that there is a master Mind in charge!  How would you like to come? Between the luscious breasts? in my mouth?? All over my tummy as I tantalize the sneaky snake? Deep in yoni as she rides the varmint? Or do you want to flip the trick and pin my sweet ass down and fuck me like crazy??

All these rewards are yours, just for owning a brilliant mind! Did you have to ask for any of these favors? No! Your brilliant mind brought you all of this pleasure because it makes me wild sexually.. or would that be sexually wild? Sapiosexual again! Mmmm mmm mmm

Tell me what you desire and it is yours! Yoni is throbbing for you!



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