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Warning: Things Get a Bit Steamy!


My captivated lover for the night was a naked sight to behold in the back seat of the car, as we were driving down the road. The cool night air was electrified from the sexual tension rife inside of our little capsule. The sweet smell of her sex was a little slice of heaven with each breath eagerly inhaled. The concussion of the Japanese drums forcing our hearts to beat faster, each beat shaking the car and us with it. I took a longing glance in the rear-view mirror, and gazed upon my creation- a sly smile across my face, and an erection threatening to rip my jeans apart.


Her long brown hair gently framed her blindfolded face, and covered the earplugs in her ears. It spilled on to her breasts, and only allowed the bow tie of her collar to peek through the waves of hair. The dancing sparkle from the chain nipple clamps attached to her collar, moving with her gasping breaths, caught by the light of the oncoming traffic gave the effect of a small disco ball inside of our capsule.


Her hands bound by the cuffs from Liberator’s Microfiber Cuff and Blindfold Kit, adrift in mid-air, only able to touch the silk sashes that suspended them. Her squeezed nipples were easy for me to see, because she was riding on the Liberator Wanda with Magic Wand vibrator, the head pressed firmly against her soaking wet clit and variable speed at my control because of some deviousness on my part.


Inside of her ever tightening sex was an egg, a remote control variable speed version. Providing more forced stimulation was another favorite toy of mine — the remote control variable speed bullet with undulating attachment. She was seated on top of it, forcing the vibrations from her labia to her ass, unrelenting, the bumps of the road forcing it tighter against her. Bound and seated this way, if she leaned forward her clit suffered more intense stimulation, and leaning back, her ass and labia took more stimulation- nowhere for her to escape my control.


A firmly placed seat belt ensured that there was no escaping to the side, or standing to avoid my domination of her orgasms. Her ankles were bound and tied to the front seats, and her knees were tied together with a Loulou Couture Silk Sash, so there was no real escape from the Magic Wand, and it ensured that her whole body felt those exhilarating buzzes.


So there she was under my complete control. No distractions from her covered eyes. No distractions from filled ears, the unyielding bass of the drums. Her gorgeous breasts exposed, nipples being squeezed and pulled from the clamps, and her entire nether regions under my control, unmercilessly producing any amount of stimulation that I wanted, making her orgasm at will, all at my complete discretion. No amount of pleading or begging could make me change my mind. Threat of a gag made sure that her pleas for mercy were minimal. And yet after what should have seemed like hours of stimulation, it had only been  30 minutes, I hear the words.


“No!” she commanded.


“Please…” she whispered.


“Don’t!” she begged.


“Stop!” she whimpered.


And then I knew- it was time to turn up the dial on the devices and head for home. The primal screams of lust drowned out the radio. Violent orgasms shook her body and threatened to send us off the road. Words of joy, words of desire, expressions of lust in the cosmos burst forth from her sweet lips. And she grabbed my attention when she professed what she would do to me when she was released from her captivity.


Scenes that I did not think she was capable of imagining spewed from those lips. Things like, “clawing the skin off your back,” or “fuck you until your dick falls off.”  I knew at that point my mission was accomplished. I had found the animal inside, and unleashed it. I was almost scared of what I may have created. But now we were home. Now it was time to see what I had wrought.


And it was time to have some real fun….