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Warning: This is one going to be a little messy!

Kyle loosened his tie as he walked into the apartment. But then he tightened it again, because he knew that Georgia liked him fresh from work—top hat and all. And he wanted to please her, because he knew that she would make him feel so much better than he had felt all day at work. Georgia always knew what to do to relax him.

She was waiting for him when he opened the door. He smiled at her, tipped his hat and placed it on the table as he closed the door behind him. Georgia walked over to him slowly in her floral shirt dress that showed off her figure, especially the full breasts and hips that he loved.

Kyle grabbed her hips when she reached him, pulled her close and kissed her until he ran out of breath. He inhaled her sweet scent of Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew. Georgia lived the retro lifestyle even down to the scent, and Youth Dew was brand-new in the Fifties. He savored the scent of her, as she pulled away from him slowly.

“Darling, let me get you more comfortable” she said, taking off his jacket and pulling his tie.

Kyle followed his wife over to his favorite chair, and he sat down. His body molded to the chair, as it had all of his contours. Georgia loosened his tie, before getting down on her knees and sitting on her heels. She smiled up at him, as she kissed his knees through his perfectly creased slacks before she undid his shoes. Slowly, teasingly. She untied one set of laces, and kissed his foot after she took it out of his shoe. Without missing a beat, she repeated the same actions with his other foot.

Georgia caressed his feet, before she got up and walked into the other room.

Kyle was already relaxed, but he knew that his Georgia was not nearly done tending to him. He was so relaxed that he almost slipped his hand just over his crotch.

But he did not. He knew that Georgia had much grander plans for him.

Georgia returned, walking slowly as if she had books on her head. She walked over to him, her floral shirt dress swung brushed the furniture as she sashayed over to him. Behind her back, she held their favorite Talea Spreader Bar. She held it as if she could conceal it….She couldn’t.

Georgia knelt before him again, but this time, she spread his legs so she could fit the bar between them. Kyle could hear from her breathing, that she was just as turned on as he was. She uncharacteristically, caressed him feeling for his hardening shape. Finding it, her hand lingered with a long caress. Then suddenly as if she had been lulled out of a trance, she caressed his ankles before she place them in the leather cuffs and attached them to the bar.

Once he was secured, he felt all the exhaustion from the day lifted from his body. He looked down at her and she looked up at him with a smile, as she undid his belt. The click of his buckle was like Pavlov’s bell, and he felt himself harden.

Up off of her heels, Georgia put her hands on his knees. She caressed his harder shape through his pants, and then fished it out. Kyle was entranced, watching her use both of her hands to caress his shaft. She rubbed circles around him, and then finally leaned in to lick him as if she were licking an ice cream cone. Looking down at the angle of her neck as she licked him, made him throb. From his vantage point and unable to close his legs to tease her at all, he was afraid that he was not going to be able to hold back.

“Not yet,” Georgia smiled at him, and kissed his tip. “Not before dinner!”

Georgia clucked her tongue and patted his head, dampened with pre-come.

She got up and walked into the kitchen. He could see her, and out of the corner of his eye, he could see his damp cock weep.

“I made your favorite tonight!” Georgia sing-songed walking over to him with his dinner on a tray.

It was his favorite, meatloaf, wrapped in bacon with mashed potatoes and corn. Out of the corner of his eyes, his cock looked thick like the loaf. He knew he had to eat every bite before she would give him dessert.

On her knees again, Georgia fed him from the tray. “Mmmm,” he moaned with pleasure for the flavor, and aching for his own pleasure. He wanted his dessert. Licking the spoon after Georgia spooned up some gravy, Kyle was ecstatic when Georgia asked, “Ready for dessert?” Kyle practically panted his agreement, as Georgia walked away with the tray.

“I made your favorite. Chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting.”

Kyle made the spreader bar thud with his disapproval. It was he first time he was ever unhappy his wife had made chocolate cake. She walked over with a slice of the cake in her hand, “Darling, I am afraid I have not washed the dishes.” she said. “Can I plate your cake on your lap, well since you cannot close your legs…where am I…”

She knelt in front of him, and with the slice of cake close enough to leave frosting on his shaft, and frowned a bit.

“This is going to get messy…” she sighed, leaning in to lick the frosting off of him.

Kyle closed his eyes, and sighed, “Yesssss…”