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I love working nude.

The running joke for the telecommuter is that you can attend meetings without pants, but I prefer to be completely nude. A project manager for a global company, meetings are on conference calls, boring, wasted time so I can feel the air on my naked skin all day.

As the weekly global status call drones in my ear, over 100 people listening to the boring talk, I am fresh out of the shower, shaving my cock and balls while someone wastes time talking about something that could have been handled in a short email. Multitasking….

I chuckle, slowly drawing my electric shaver over my scrotum, the vibrations very pleasant, my cock slowly awakening. Wireless headsets are great.

You enter and smile at me as I shave, looking hot in your workout gear, tight yoga pants, breasts straining against your strappy sports bra, nipples hard, hair still damp with sweat.

“Weekly Status meeting?” you ask and I nod. Taking my cock in your hands, you test my shave, cool skin of your hands a shock to the hot flesh of my cock. “Smooth as a baby’s bottom,” you say with a grin.

You startle me as you quickly kneel, swallowing my semi-soft cock whole, sucking the entire length as it grows harder in your mouth, kissing the very tip as it pops out, stroking my smooth balls as you look up into my eyes with a mischievous grin.  

I put the phone on mute.

“Can I borrow you?” you ask. “Of course,” I say as you as you pull me, erect cock in hand, towards our Liberator Esse Chaise. I notice the Black Label Flip Stage underneath, hinting at what you have in mind.

You put my head at the lower end, feet high and strap me down, hand, feet, and thigh cuffs clipped to the d-rings, pulled tight. You collar my neck, clipping D-ring to D-ring on three sides, pulling them tight as well.

I am immobile.

You go into the bathroom, returning with my phone and a blindfold in hand. As you slowly pull the blindfold over my eyes, I see you push the mute button off. The voices drone on in my ear but now the microphone is live.

“Hush!” you whisper in my ear, my apprehension building at the prospect of being bound, helpless, subject to your tender mercies before an audience of hundreds on the conference call.

I hear fabric sliding over sweaty skin as you peel off your sodden clothes, not quite knowing what to expect.

You whisper, “Eat me slow and quiet, make me come,” as you move the headset mike up slightly, your hot, sweaty pussy descending over my face.

Your hot vulva lips caress my face and I open wide, salty sweat combined with your sweet pussy juice delicious as I take you fully into my mouth, quietly licking each tender fold, up and down your dripping pussy, until I reach the top and suck your clit, working slow and quiet to please you but so no one on the call can hear.

Your clit becomes erect, soft moans escape your lips as the meeting drones on in my ear.  I wonder if they can hear you as my tongue slowly circles you, then goes deep into you, licking and sucking, your thighs twitching. I drink your sweet essence as it flows into my mouth when you come. I drink you in deeply as you stifle a moan of pleasure, riding my face hard in orgasm.

“Your turn,” the whisper comes to my ear as you turn and mount my throbbing cock, teasing the mushroom head with agonizingly slow strokes, taking just the tip of my cock into your hot pussy, then a little more, slowly moving in and out as your mouth moves to my lips, kissing me deeply, tongue probing into my mouth, sharing the taste of your sweet and salty, sweaty pussy. You go deeper and deeper, clenching your pussy around my cock and now it is I who must keep quiet as you simultaneously work my mouth and my cock, until I explode inside you.

The soft whisper then comes in my ear, “One more time…” and I feel the heat of your mouth move from my lips, kissing my chest, sucking on my erect nipples, working a downward path to my waiting, wet cock as you turn to straddle my face.

Your mouth is so hot as you swallow me, your pussy dripping on my tongue, both of us tasting the sweet mix of our combined cum, mouth to wet cock, mouth to dripping pussy.

Sucking my cum from your pussy, feeling your hot mouth tasting both of us on my cock, delicious, I become fully erect again, forgetting the open microphone, I begin to devour you in earnest. Mouth to wet pussy, mouth to dripping cock, we pleasure each other with complete abandon until I feel you twitch again as I pulse into your mouth, filling it with a second eruption of cum as you fill my mouth with a gusher of your sweet juice.    

The microphone is silent in my ear, all conversation stopped, our moans of pleasure obviously too loud to be missed by the hundreds of attendees.

Pulling the blindfold from my eyes, you kiss me deeply, swirling our mixed cum around our twined tongues, tasting of each other, joined as one as the cum flows from mouth to mouth and we swallow each other and ourselves, lost in sweetness and heat.

The conference call remains silent as you hit the mute button and we laugh uncontrollably.

The virtual office is abuzz the next day with talk about the meeting.  “Best meeting ever” is said over and over as I smile. If they only knew….I can’t wait for the next one.