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“Crap. Missed my chance. Damned American Airlines.” David muttered to himself as he took his overnight bag from the trunk of his car. His flight home from Dallas had been delayed two hours (the dreaded “equipment issue”), and now the whole damn house was dark, but for the kitchen light. He’d bounced a few frisky texts with Marie while he’d been out of town the last couple days and had plans for her tonight, but now they’d have to wait. 

Teddy and Molly? They weren’t waiting for anyone, and they greeted him at the door. “Hey, my little fur balls,” he said, scratching them both—Teddy behind the ears, Molly right above her haunches, just where she liked it. “How’re my pups? How’s my little fella?” 

David took off his shoes at the door to make sure he didn’t wake Marie and then headed to the kitchen, where he poured himself a glass of wine. He sorted through the mail, but it was nothing but bills and trash mail—and no sign of the package he was expecting from Liberator. As he skimmed the now-outdated morning newspaper, the Pinot noir began to soothe his nerves from the long day, when he thought he heard a faint yip from the direction of the living room. Squinting into the darkness, he spied Teddy, his little rescue pup, humping Molly. “Teddy-boy, you are something else. You’re fixed, but you just keep going after it. Sadly, it looks like you’re the only one getting lucky tonight.”

David finished his wine and led Teddy and Molly into their kennels and then proceeded upstairs, stepping oh so carefully in his socks. 

The bedroom was dark, so David slipped quietly into the bathroom to get undressed. He opted for a quick shower, to wash away the long trip home. When he stepped back into the bedroom, though, it seemed a little too still, too quiet; he couldn’t even hear Marie breathing. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw that in fact, the bed was empty. “What the heck? Where’s Marie?”

David checked his phone—nope, no text message.  There’d been no note on the kitchen counter… where was she? Stepping back into the hallway, he saw no lights left on downstairs; turning around, though, he thought he saw a trace of light coming from under the door to the guest bedroom. He tiptoed down the hall. “Why would this light be on…”  

At almost the same moment that he started to turn the doorknob, he heard a familiar moan, and what he found upon opening the door shocked him, sent his pulse through the roof. Kneeling on the bed was Marie,  straddling and gently rocking on the Bonbon he’d ordered from Liberator! The room was faintly lit by three candles on the dresser near the bed, but he could discern enough to bring him to full attention: Marie’s back, naked but for the Liberator satin sash around her waist, just above the lace waistband of her thong, and its string of pearls threaded between her cheeks.  Leaning forward toward the headboard, she turned halfway. “I’ve been…” she paused and slid forward on the Bonbon, “waiting for you. Ummmmm. You’ve been home almost half an hour,” she said softly, sliding back down, enjoying the delightful sensation of the Lelo Mona Wave dildo pressing the pearls against her clitoris. “What have you got to say for yourself?”

“Um, how bout ‘I’m pleased to see you like your gift’?” 

“Hah! You’ve always had a talent for buying me sweet things!” Hmmmm, she murmured again, sliding forward on the Bonbon and reaching her arm around his waist. “You’ll notice…mmmm…I have some sweet ideas for you tonight. Three, to be exact.” He hadn’t noticed when he’d first entered the room (for obvious reasons!), but sure enough, there were on the dresser three candles, and in front of each one was a small dish, and on each dish was a small dark chocolate morsel. At the far end of the row of candles and chocolates was a half empty glass of wine. 

“You deserve a sweet,” Marie said with a groan, “but first you gotta lose the boxers and climb on up here.” 

David did as he was told, and Marie proceeded to take the sash from around her waist and hold it before him as she nuzzled her pussy on the dildo affixed to the Bonbon. “To keep you under, ahem, my control…” She proceeded to tie a slip knot with the sash, before looping it around his balls and the base of his shaft. Shifting her eyes from her handiwork to look him straight in the eyes, she gave the sash a firm pull. He flinched. “Nice. And. Tight!” 

Marie reached for a chocolate and blew out one of the candles, making seeing her more difficult, but heightening his other senses. He felt the sash around his nuts, the sound of her pussy sliding up and down the Bonbon. She felt the firm Bonbon, she tasted the rich Chardonnay on the back of her tongue. 

Marie paused her ride, briefly, and stripped off her pearl thong. “Open wide, my friend,” she said, “I have something sweet for you.” She slid back onto the dildo while lowering the string of wet pearls into his open mouth and onto his eager tongue, while simultaneously depositing the first chocolate into her own warm mouth. “Ummmm,” he said, his tongue swirling around the warm pearls, savoring her honey. “I definitely got the sweetest of these treats.”

She let the chocolate melt in her mouth, the Italian chocolate coating the surface of her tongue, while he hungrily licked every remnant of her sweetness from the pearls. 

“I think I can sweeten things even a little more for you, if you like… though I’m just going to have to leave this delightful little nugget behind.” She stroked herself one last time on the Bonbon’s dildo and slid herself forward, resting her gorgeous, smooth wet pussy on his chest. Reaching to take another chocolate, she swiveled on his chest; he grabbed her firm ass to pull her pussy toward his outstretched tongue. “Nah, ah!” She said, yanking the sash around his nuts. “I will dole out the sweets tonight! You’ll get yours when I say so!”

“You tease!” he said, relenting, but anxious for his serving. “I’ll take whatever sweets you offer me.”

Slowly, she slid forward, just out of reach of his tongue. “Umm, this chocolate is gonna taste so good!” She said, softly. She slid her wetness across his chest, inches from his mouth.  “I can barely wait! Can you wait?” She inched her waxed pussy closer to his mouth.  “Can you barely wait?”

After what seemed an eternity, she put out her tongue and put the chocolate on it. And as she drew her tongue into her mouth, she blew out the second candle and slid forward to smother his mouth with her hot, wet pussy.  

“Uhhhhh,” they moaned in unison: she, pressing the chocolate to the roof of her mouth, arched her back and thrust her pelvis to his eager tongue. “You. Are,” he said, briefly but with certainty. “So goddamn sweet.” He lavished love on her labia and sucked hungrily at her clitoris, while she rocked and rolled on his mouth. 

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, as she pressed her pussy to his mouth. “Sweetness, David…such sweetness…”

The room was barely lit as the last remnants of chocolate dissolved in Marie’s mouth, but David continued to savor his treat—and Marie gently swayed her hips to the movement of his tongue. “You know,” she said between groans, “there’s a third chocolate.” He paid her no attention. “It’s just,” she said, as he pursed his lips firmly on her clit, “that there’s another chocolate.”

“Have at it,” David replied, barely missing a beat with his tongue, squeezing her buns. “You’re welcome to it,” he told her.

Spreading her knees slightly, Marie strained to reach the dresser for her glass of wine. She delighted in watching him feast on her luscious pussy, then finished off her wine with one gulp. She held the last chocolate between her fingers and cast her eyes down through the thin light at her lover, who continued to feast on her with growing enthusiasm. Her pussy had held this mastery over him since they had started dating in college. “You can feed me this pussy any time you want,” he had told her for years—an offer she’d accepted untiringly. 

She paused, considering her next move—she’d planned it, but hadn’t planned on enjoying his mouth quite this much! He gripped her ass and she rode his tongue like a skilled surfer rides a wave, floating upward with the swell of his lips and tongue, before plunging and grinding down into the barrel of the wave. “Not sure I want to drop this last chocolate,” she thought to herself…

Torn between continuing to surf and seizing the orgasm her pussy cried out for, she spooled the satin sash around her wrist, tugging it tight and drawing his hips upward.  She glanced at his hard, throbbing cock. “Gotta get some of that,” she said to herself, riding his tongue upward on one more wave. 

She gave a sharp tug at the satin sash she had wrapped around him, as if to say “Heel.” She lifted her pussy off of his tongue- just barely, close enough that he strained his tongue upward for her deliciousness, but far enough for her to in one swift motion blow out the third and last candle- pitching the room into total darkness as she slid her sopping wet pussy onto his burning hot cock. He gasped—but only for a second—as she popped the last chocolate into her mouth.

“Sweet!” she cried as she plunged her tongue deep into his mouth, while their torsos thrashed and convulsed in ecstasy. Their tongues swirled each other, savoring the tastes they had created—her pussy, the wine, the dark chocolate, together in the oven of their joined mouths. She bucked as he grabbed her ass, their lips locked, their tongues frantically searching each other’s mouth for every last taste of sweetness. With a final squeeze of her ass, they exploded together, thrashing their bodies and breaking their kiss with loud, ecstatic groans.

Eventually, their hearts calmed. Marie nuzzled his cock with her pussy. Suddenly she twitched. “Did you hear that?” 


“Funny, I thought I heard a dog yip.” 

“Ha!” David chuckled. He softly kissed her ear. “I think that was just Teddy saying ‘you guessed wrong!'”