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Warning: It pays to gamble!


“Please, what?”

“Please…” With all of my panting the words caught in my throat. “Please… make me cum!”

The forcefulness, the urgency of the words surprised me as they came out of my mouth. My pussy was aching, wet, needing to be touched. I reached for it so that I could pleasure myself, but when the tether caught I was once again reminded of my current situation.

It all started with the bet. My husband had made the wager on this year’s game (our alma maters were rivals): the loser must obey any and all commands for an entire day. And my beloved team lost.

Today was the day, my day off, so I woke up late to an empty house and found the envelope on my bathroom vanity. You have an appointment at the spa at 9:30. Your choice: French or Brazilian. We had talked about this, but I’d never waxed my vagina before. I was nervous and started thinking about how I could get out of it, but I had agreed to obey. Plus, I was curious, and I knew how much he would be turned on. So I got ready, had some breakfast, and headed to my appointment.

After the spa (it hurt like hell!), I got into the car and found another envelope with further instructions. You will receive text instructions throughout the day – obey as soon as you’re able.

Oh, crap – what’s next?, I wondered. I drove to the store and, as I parked, heard my phone buzz. Send me a picture of your new ‘hairdo’.

I got out and went straight to the ladies’ room. Inside the stall, I pulled up my skirt, pulled down my thong, and took several pictures of my new French wax. It felt so awkward, but I must admit I was a little turned on by the photos. I chose one that clearly showed the small triangle of hair and just a hint of the lips below, took a deep breath, and hit “Send.”

I went on with my day of errands and chores, constantly aware of the new sensation of my mostly-bare pussy. Throughout the day I received more instructions:

Touch yourself, lightly running your fingers over the smooth, bare skin of your pussy.

Send me a dressing room mirror selfie with your skirt up and panties down.

Remove your panties and go commando for the rest of the day.

Make yourself wet and put your fingers deep inside your pussy.

That last one was easy – with all the attention and my new wax I had been wet all day. I wanted to masturbate, but orgasms had been forbidden. By late afternoon I was so horny I couldn’t wait to get home and get home and get some relief.

When I walked in the lights were turned down low, candles were burning, and music was playing softly. I followed the sounds to our bedroom and opened the door to find my man standing next to our bed, on top of which was a strange looking cushion or something.

“Hi, sexy!” he said.

“What is that?”

“It’s a Black Label Ramp & Wedge.”

I gave him a sideways look, and he replied, “you’ll see… your next instruction is to go strip and get ready, and I’ll pour us a glass of wine.”

I went the bathroom, took off my clothes and freshened up, and finally a good look at my new ‘do’ in the mirror. Damn! It was pretty sexy… I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face, so I stepped back out into the room. He had stripped too, his dick standing at half-mast. He handed me a glass of cabernet, looked me up and down, and said, “wow, your pussy looks even more amazing in person!”

“Thanks, babe.” I took a few sips of wine, and he lead me over to the bed, having my lie down on my back with my legs over the edge of the ramp. My head was supported so I could see him grab a couple of cuffs and put one on my wrist. “What is —” I started to protest, but he shushed me.

“You are to obey, remember?” So I sat back and watch him strap both of my wrists to the sides of the ramp, and then strap my ankles as well. I was completely vulnerable, and completely horny. My legs were spread wide open and my pussy was totally exposed. “Please,” I begged.

He ignored me and ran his mouth all over my body, kissing my mouth, then licking my ears, my neck, each of my hardened nipples, then down to my legs and inner thighs, then finally he reached my aching pussy. My body writhed as I bucked my hips, trying to push my cunt into his mouth. “Please… make me cum!”

With that he dove in like he had never done before, probing my vagina with his tongue, hungrily licking up and down my newly-bare lips. I bucked all over the ramp, shoving my pussy into his face as hard as I could. All of the day’s tension and teasing had led me to this point, and his tongue on my clit sent me over the edge as I let out a scream and my orgasm overtook me. Spasm after spasm, my body lurched and bucked and writhed, until, completely spent, I collapsed, panting and moaning.

Once I finally settled down and caught my breath, I looked into my husband’s smiling face and said,”I like this ramp thing. What else can we do?”

He said nothing, but slowly and deliberately unhooked each of my tethers, then told me to turn over. I complied, and he re-connected each clip. Now I was face down, my ass hanging off the edge of the ramp, completely bound. I felt his rock-hard cock probing my soaked pussy, and thought “Finally” as he entered me.

Losing a bet never felt so good!

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