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Warning: Seat belts are required!

Julie couldn’t wait to get home from work. Her new Liberator Wedge with a Wanda Vibrator had arrived the day before, and she was eager to try it. It was Friday, and her roommate had a hot date, which meant she wouldn’t be home till sometime Saturday, or maybe Sunday.

Julie rushed into the apartment, her pussy wet with excitement. She had read about the Liberator Wedge, and she loved the idea of the Wanda Vibrator toying with her sex. She quickly stripped, her nipples hard with lust. She put the Liberator Wedge in the middle of the living room, positioned the Wanda Vibrator so it would press firmly against her clit, and then gathered her Julie had experimented with self-bondage, and found that a Time Lock key holder worked best.

It was a small safe with a timer that would count down, then a small door would open and the key to her cuffs would pop out within reach. She had tested the system several times, but now it was time to give it a live run.

She looked over the toys before her, the Liberator Wedge with Wanda Vibrator, the Vegan Emma Wrist & Ankle Cuffs, and a Lucie Ball Gag, and at the last second, she lubed and inserted a Tantus B Bomb Vibrating Plug into her tight ass.

Julie straddled the Wedge, positioning the Wanda Vibrator right against her dripping pussy. She had plugged the Wanda into a timer like one would use for household lamps, except this one had a random setting, it would turn the Wanda Vibrator on and off at random intervals. She also set the Wanda Vibrator on random, so the intensity of the vibrator would vary between one and five.

Her legs were firmly locked onto the Wedge, her hands soon to be. The Wanda was pressed against her clit, ready to go. The Tantus B Bomb Vibrating Plug firmly in her tight ass. She placed the Lucie Ball Gag in her mouth, and Cal Exotics Weighted Clamps on her nipples. Her mind was buzzing with excitement. The last thing she did was set the Time Lock safe for sixty minutes. She figured after an hour of the Wanda Vibrator teasing her pussy, she would be ready to explode.

Finally, she turned on the Wanda Vibrator, and was at once excited by the vibrations against her clit. She felt her first orgasm rise in her. She shakily closed the cuffs around her wrists. She leaned forward into the Wanda Vibrator, her clit tingling and the waves of her first long awaited orgasm flowed over her. Then, the vibrations stopped.

She moaned against the ball gag. But she knew the vibrator would start again soon, and she expected to be teased and edged for the next hour, and that made her even wetter. Soon, the Wanda Vibrator started again, this time more intense. After a few minutes, Julie felt another orgasm rise in her, she was almost there, and then the vibration stopped. She screamed in frustration into the ball gag, her body withering against the now still wand.

This went on for the next hour, the evil Wanda bringing Julie just to the edge of orgasm, then stopping, letting her down, then starting again. Her nipples ached from the clamps, her jaw was stretched from the gag, and the plug in her ass vibrated away, so that even when the Wanda was silent, it kept her mind on her sex, and the need to cum.

Julie hadn’t looked at the Time Lock Timer since she set it, she figured it would almost be done, and would let her free. She already knew she would unlock herself so her finger could grope her sex, rubbing her swollen clit till she came. She looked at the timer, and a panic flew thru her horny brain. The timer read 58:57:45. Oh my GOD, no, her brain screamed. In her excitement, she had set the timer for sixty hours. She tried to do the math, but then the damn Wanda started up again, and she was lost in the building intensity of the orgasm that would not come.

When the vibration stopped, just seconds before she came, she refocused her mind. How stupid, she thought. She had set the timer for sixty hours, not sixty minutes. The timer would not set free the key until two and a half days from Friday night, sometime Monday. She would die if she had to ride the Liberator that long. She struggled against her bonds, but they would not give.

Julie spent that night riding the Liberator, with the Wanda teasing her clit, edging her over and over again. Finally, sometime early Saturday morning, it was still dark outside, the Wanda finally allowed her to cum. She had been so close, for so long, it was the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. She would have passed out from pleasure, but the damn Wanda kept vibrating against her now tender clit. She screamed and tried to get away from the damn machine, but she had strapped herself in to tight. She withered in agony, but no relief came.

Julie spent the rest of the night, locked astride the Liberator, the Wanda Vibrator teasing her swollen clit. Her jaw was sore from the gag, and her nipple burned from the clamps. Suddenly, as Julie’s body was racked with another tortuous orgasm, the door to the apartment opened, and her roommate walked in, a look of shock on her face. She took in the scene, her roommate naked, locked onto the Liberator, the Wanda pressed against her pussy, the smell of sex in the air. Julie looked up at her with pleading eyes, please help me, they said.

‘When is my turn?’ her roommate asked as she stripped off her clothes.