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Copyright: francois dubeauWhat do you get for someone that has everything? Erotic art of course! Original art makes a unique, thoughtful, and lasting gift, especially when it’s for that special someone. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce yourself and others to collecting timeless pieces art for your home, or better yet, the bedroom.

In fact, the bedroom is not just a place for relaxing and sleeping, it can also be a space where you can recharge your batteries by being intimate and making love with your partner. So, why not fill it with beautiful works of art to inspire the mood! Creating a sensual space will help remind you that your bedroom can (and should) be used for other things than just relaxing and sleeping. Erotic art is the one thing that you can use to transform your bedroom into a parlor of seduction. The right type of art can provide a visual cue for titillating and stimulating sexual desire and encourage more physical intimacy.

When deciding on what type of erotic art you want for your bedroom (or any other space) aim for pieces that are stimulating for both yourself and your lover. The art of François Dubeau has a simple, yet elegant aesthetic and adds just the right amount of erotic edge without being too overt. It’s the beauty and movement of these pieces that will spark your desire and make you want to stay in bed for a very long time.

Mastering the Digital

François Dubeau grew up in and around Montreal, Canada. He has always had a passion for drawing, photography and music. Holding a B.A. in Communication Studies from Concordia University (Montreal), Dubeau now works in the public relations and marketing field. He is a long-time computer enthusiast and developed a way to skillfully integrate his passion for technology with his artistic creations. His mastery of digital tools, as a creative medium, offers Dubeau the freedom create delicately balanced art. By combining the traditional with modern techniques, he is able to bridge authenticity with simplicity in a truly unique and original way.

Francois Dubeau

Less is More

Known for being extremely imaginative and original, Dubeau espouses a “less is more” ethos. His work explores the many facets of feminine eroticism with equal parts of emotion and whimsy which creates a delightful paradox. He uses traditional techniques with the most modern of digital tools and explore the most basic form of expression — black lines on a white background. A majority of his artworks are composed from an in-the-moment mindset and thought process. This artistic exploration allows Dubeau to demonstrate his unique and elemental style. Each line and shadow presented is thoughtfully crafted to create a unique free-flowing masterpiece that possesses exceptional depth and movement. “It can take me many hours to perfect just one line”, says Dubeau.

copyright: Francois Dubeau


copyright: Francois DubeauVirtual Reality

With no preconceived notions of an outcome, Dubeau uses a digital stylus and a blank virtual canvas as the tools to create erotic masterpieces. Utilizing the traditional techniques of an engraver, illustrator and painter, François’  begins the creative process with swift random gestures as a starting point. One single line then translates into hours of work as each stroke is forever repeated, but never twice, until he is completely satisfied with the end result.

Authentically Appealing

Francois Dubeau personally produces each of his prints using only the finest museum quality materials and archival inks. Once a drawing is complete, it is transferred either onto paper or canvas. For his 8 x10 prints, Dubeau uses acid-free paper and high-quality ink while the limited edition canvas prints are stretched on a 1 ½” deep gallery frame. Each canvas print, in the collection, is signed and numbered by and also comes with a certificate of authenticity.


The stunning original works of Francois Dubeau are part of the most prestigious private and public collections worldwide. His work has been featured in several major shows, including the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, The Dirty Show ( Detroit and Los Angeles), Unclad (Portland, Oregon) and the Erotic Heritage Museum (Las Vegas, Nevada). His work is also part of Permanent Collections at the Exodus Trust and the famed Kinsey Institute. In addition to being showcased, François’ work has been featured in several publications such as Erotic Signature and Hors Série Décoration.

 copyright: Francois Dubeau

Look Twice

Every piece in Dubeau’s collection is not only part of an eye-pleasing experience, it’s an intellectual pleasure. They are timeless and modern. There are elements of movement, grace and desirable possibility as each theme and form is developed. This stark yet delicate contrast is meant to capture the viewers attention. To make them look and think twice — and then wanting to make love.

 To sex up your decor, François Dubeau’s erotic artwork collection is now available on or at the artists website here.