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Spread-eagled on the bed, arms and legs pulled tight by the Bed Buckler, the Black Label Ramp lifts your head so you can view your exposed cock and balls. A ball gag in your mouth, earplugs making you deaf, blindfold on your forehead so you can watch …for now.

I approach with your shaver, flip up the trimmer and begin. Removing your pubic hair in long, slow strips I think of your embarrassment in the locker room tomorrow. I carefully shave off the stubble, examining your stiff cock closely for fine hair, which I remove, then down to your balls, moving the vibrating razor back and forth. Grasping your scrotum at the base, I squeeze tightly, your balls straining against the tight skin as I look for, then remove all the remaining hair.

Your pubic hair is gone.

I’m wet just looking at you, completely smooth, completely immobile, completely accessible, all mine to use and abuse.


Your eyes are fixed on my hairless pussy.

Vibrator in hand, I straddle your face and begin to slowly please myself as you watch, my wet pussy lips less than an inch away, clit growing, waves of pleasure rolling over me as I come, dripping in front of your eyes.


I wet my fingers between my legs and paint your face until you are glistening. I wipe the last of my wetness around your nose, surrounding you with my scent. I then pull down the blindfold so you can concentrate on your sense of smell…and not see what’s coming next.

I retrieve a tray from the bathroom holding hot peppermint tea, ice water, a blowdryer, your toothbrush, icy-hot balm and a dental syringe. He-he.

I’m ready.

Your cock stands tall in anticipation and I take a moment to admire your engorged, slightly purple head, rubbing it slowly against my still-throbbing clit, then back and forth against my lips, just barely penetrating me and surprisingly, I come again.


I open the jar of icy-hot.

The menthol wafts from the jar and taking some balm with one finger I spread a thick line along the seam of your scrotum. I do the same with your cock, painting a thick line up the underside of your cock from the base to the tip.

The cold heat builds between your balls, then runs up your cock as you start moaning. Grabbing you firmly, I coat the underside of your head, just below the ridge, making a full circle under your head with a thick coat of balm, rubbing it in. You’re really feeling it now, grunts coming from around the ball gag.

Getting more balm, I slather the entire head of your cock, working it in, being careful to avoid the flexing open tip. I have plans for that tip. I lean over and blow on your erection, intensifying the burn.

Picking up my blow dryer, I set it on cold and point it at your cock. You writhe at the stronger burn.

I stop for a moment, considering and then returning with more balm, which I use to completely cover your hairless balls and your asshole with a thick layer, rubbing it in deeply. I enjoy watching you writhe against the restraints and again pick up my blow dryer, making your cock, balls, and ass burn as the cool wind hits them.

After a time, I stop the blowdryer, pulling the tray closer, filling the dental syringe with ice water.

Unable to see or hear, you have no idea what is coming.

Pinching the tip of your cock until it opens, I carefully insert the plastic tip of the syringe into your hole, then holding it tightly closed, slowly push the plunger, sending a rush of cold down the center of your cock.

Releasing you, water spurts out as if you were coming, cock twitching.

I take a sip of the peppermint tea, the temperature just right, very hot but not burning. Again I fill the syringe, pinch you open and insert it, depressing the plunger, sending a rush of minty heat down your center.

I continue injecting hot and cold into your cock, your body bucking from each hot or cold syringe. You’re making quite a mess as the liquid spurts out, it’s a good thing I put the Fascinator Throw on the bed.

Teacup empty, I take the last of the ice in my hand and give your balls a good rub, feeling them retreat into your body from the cold, melting ice traveling down your crack and across your asshole.

Deciding you’re had enough cock torture for now, I wipe you off with a warm washcloth, the heat, and texture bringing you back to full attention. I add some hot oil and begin massaging you, giving you a welcome reward for your submission to my play.

You can’t hear the buzz of your toothbrush as I turn it on, you certainly feel it as I begin stimulating your cockhead with the fast moving bristles. I move your toothbrush all around your cockhead, tickling all the sensitive parts, moving up and over the tip, around the crown, over your hole, stopping to concentrate just below your cockhead, on your man-clit as I continue to stroke your shaft.

Tension builds as your toothbrush does its work, driving you crazy with the harsh sensation.

It’s not long until you start to come, spurting like a volcano. Dropping the cum-covered

toothbrush, I hold your cock firmly with one hand and roughly massage your cockhead with the other as your cum flows, lubricating my hand as I squeeze and twist, rubbing hard and fast against your now extra sensitive head. Your hips are bucking wildly at the intensely pleasurable, almost painful sensation, as I roughly extend your orgasm. I continue until you are completely spent, panting around the ball gag.


Removing your gag and blindfold, I bring the cum-covered toothbrush to your mouth to complete your sensory adventure. Mouth open, you silently begin to lick it clean.