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The taxi ride time from the airport was short much like the planned length of her trip. Lauren had been with Jack for over a year, but the long-distance relationship was starting to take its toll especially with the predictable vanilla sex routine and lack of exploration. She prepared to greet Jack with the standard kiss and hug. She knew next would be dinner, television, pre-sleep sex, and lying in bed wrestling with her thoughts on their relationship…this would be their breakup weekend.

Jack pulled Lauren in close and tight as she came through the door. He waited just a few seconds for her to notice the embrace and then deeply kissed her. Jack moved his hand towards Lauren’s releasing her from his kiss and walked her to the bedroom. She glanced at the bed not recognizing the dark silhouette on the bed. Jack motioned her towards the bathroom knowing she had not fully made out the Black Label Ramp positioned on the bed. Lauren discovered the small black panties and a velvet black blindfold inside the bathroom. She hesitated a moment but everything in Jack’s demeanor this evening seemed to be pushing her towards keeping an open mind. She stepped into the panties noticing the crotchless design with a smirk. She opened the bathroom door as Jack met her pulling the blindfold down while guiding her towards the bed. Jack positioned Lauren on her back guiding her down onto the Black Label Ramp. He watched her body settle on the plush fabric, but quickly moved around her securing her wrists and thighs with the Ramp’s attached cuff kit.

Jack kissed down Lauren’s naked sides. Every touch of his lips was a surprise to her smooth, bare skin. His lips stopped at the edge of the fabric of her panties licking and kissing along the edge dangerously close to her waiting pussy. Her hands restricted from reaching down, but she could feel how wet she was heightened by Jack’s torturous teasing. Lauren felt Jack’s lips move from her waist and before she could wonder where he would turn next she felt his whole tongue widely spread pushing firmly against her wet pussy lips. His tongue moved in a slow, strong motion up her slit and covering her swelling clit. Lauren pulled at her cuffs instinctually wanting to place her fingers deep down inside her panties as she imagined how hard and swollen Jack’s cock must be growing.

Lauren felt Jack shift his weight in the bed as her thighs widened wondering if he was positioning himself on top of her. Jack’s hand brush against her face as his fingers gently pulled her head to the side; his index finger dragging across her lips. Lauren’s head now turned to the side and Jack kneeling beside her, she felt his cock meet her lips placed just within reach of her mouth. She pictured what this must look like in her head; devouring his cock while her body lay exposed on the bed and her still wet pussy awaiting him. She felt Jack pull back from her mouth, but her lips sucked back hard almost trying to keep him close. Before his cock left her lips, Jack’s fingers had returned to her pussy.

Jack must have added some lube to his fingers, as her wetness was slicker against his fingertips. He moved the slickness downward exploring above her ass. Lauren could feel her body tense; she craved any penetration at this point. His finger lightly circled around her tight asshole as she felt the satisfying pressure as she moved her ass slightly upwards allowing his entry. Jack’s retracted his finger and she felt the stainless steel butt plug take it’s place in her exposed asshole now relaxed from Jack’s finger foreplay. Lauren fully submitted to her ass being filled with the smooth steel thankfully covered in lube. Her head rolled back imagining herself hovering above her body watching herself with nipples erect, thighs wet from her sex, and now her backside full from the mischievous toy resting inside her ass.

Jack’s chest heaved against her breasts; it was the most skin-to- skin contact she’d felt the entire night. She felt his right hand with fingers spread wide squeeze into her hip as he moved matching his body to hers. The warmth of his skin felt so awakening against her exposed body she almost didn’t notice the warmer feeling as he thrust deeply finally burying his cock into her waiting wetness. Lauren’s pussy lips were still wet and welcoming but her inner muscles surprised by his girth gripped down on his shaft absorbing his penetration. Jack moved his hands up along her sides as Lauren grinded back firm against his hardness. She was in a different sexual gear than Jack had ever felt and he was curious to see her unleashed. Lauren let out a simple request both begging and instructive in tone….”Fuck me, Jack.” Jack unclipped both of Lauren’s hands immediately upon hearing her appeal to him.

Lauren arms snapped to Jack’s back and her nails dug into his ass. She could feel his swelling cock rubbing against the thin canal of her pussy and against her butt plug shifting in her ass. Her embrace stiffened Jack’s cock and his latest thrust thundered down hard against her flushed pussy lips. Jack kissed Lauren for the first time since they’d embraced at the door of his house. The simple act coupled with the fullness inside both her pussy and ass sent her tumbling into an orgasmic free-fall.

Jack watched Lauren’s body in orgasm and lost control. His cock drove once more hard against her; his balls landed against Lauren’s ass, and his cock emptied inside her. His cum mixed with Lauren’s budding wetness as Jack pulled her blindfold off ending the act. The two starred into each other’s eyes as if they were now meeting for the first time.

Lauren’s thoughts on their relationship flooded her brain. This was not their break up weekend….