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He went ramrod hard at the sight of her swaying hips. She was wiping down a horizontal surface, and the back and forth movement accenting her gorgeous ass in an incredible way. Was she doing it to tease him? He walked up behind her and said, “I know that you need to clean, but what about polishing a knob instead?”

She turned around, and flashed a gleeful smile, and dropped to her knees and started going to town.

“Holy shit,” he thought to himself. “This chick can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, and suck a golf ball through a garden hose and not even break a sweat!” He was delirious with excitement, and already close to shooting his wad.

Faster than he could blink he was on the Black Label Esse Chaise and she was riding him for all she was worth. She was riding him reverse cowgirl, and the up and down was making her hair fly. ‘Man, what got into her tonight? She has never been like this before.’ He wanted to smack her ass, and that was when he realized that he was tied up and couldn’t move.

“Damn, she’s is being kinky. This is awesome,” he thought to himself. Then she reached down and grabbed his nuts to better slam herself down. “Wow, that’s new. I could dig this,” he thought. The sensations coursing through his body were unlike anything he had ever felt before.

“Hey, hey, HEY!  Easy with the nails babe, and they are attached.” She was starting to pull too damn hard and those nails were starting to hurt. “OWWWW!!!” he screamed. That is when he woke up. “FLUFFY?!?! STOP THAT!!!!”  He tried to push her away, but couldn’t.

Now he started to realize how bad the situation was. He was indeed tied to the Black Label Esse Chaise, and couldn’t stop the torture that he was enduring. Then he looked up and realized that his wicked female companion had arranged for an unpleasant little trick on him with some of her girlfriends. The group of them standing there laughing at his plight was bad. Being naked and having his pet lick his junk like it was dinner was worse. The peanut butter that they had put all over his junk was the worst.

“What the hell?” He screamed out.

“Shut up, you’ll like what’s next.” She said it so devilishly, an evil grin smeared across her face. “You have helped me live one of my fantasies. Now you will get to live a few of yours.”


“Let me introduce you to my mother, my twin sister, and my best friend is the one filming.” The only brunette in group lowered the camera, and all four of them smiled. Then they all looked at him like he was dinner.

He swallowed involuntarily. “What are you talking about?”

Mom piped up looking at the one daughter, “You’re right, well hung, but not too bright.” The women all laughed.  He swallowed again.

His female friend piped up, “Let’s show him what we mean.” They all dropped the clothes they were wearing, leaving only heels, stockings and garter belts on.  They all then descended on him, each of them intent on having their lustful desires satiated.

“Oh wow,” was the last coherent words he was able to speak. He was ridden, choked, smacked, fucked, suffocated and blown like he had never before imagined possible, and was milked more times that he could count.

About halfway through one of them piped up, “Just remember—we got you on camera with ‘Fluffy’. Think anyone will ever believe this is what happened after?”

He groaned and whimpered with the thought of that going viral. But having to ice his package and his jaw for the next week because of the abuse he took is what really made him sad. But it didn’t stop him from smiling about that nasty trick, and a  wonderful treat for the rest of his life.