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Just great. A shitty day at work and now I see that my gorgeous roommate has her boyfriend over again. I just want to key his car for making me have to hear him fuck her brains out every other day. I storm inside our apartment but don’t hear anything. I walk toward my bedroom and see her door is slightly open. I slow down as I get closer and realize I can see her perfect tits pushed up in the air. She’s lying down on that crazy Esse Chaise I thought she used for yoga. What did she call it? The Esse? I’m going to have to look into this Esse.

Her exquisite round ass is down in the scoop and she’s lying back over the lower end. Her long, lean, tan body is truly meant to be draped over that chaise. I then see he’s kneeling at her head and she has him balls deep into her mouth. He is slowly driving his dick in and out of her. I can tell he is enjoying every moment. I fantasize often about her giving me the best blow jobs. He’s squeezing her tits together and rolling her nipples in his fingers. She has her hand down in her pussy and is circling her clit with her thumb. He leans down and runs his tongue over her perky nipples drawing them in to suck on. She moans and arches for more.

My dick feels like it will explode but I can’t walk away. I should just go beat off in my bedroom but this is so much better than porn. I have to free it from my pants. I start to stroke myself but I know I won’t be able to cum in the hallway.

They start to change positions and I freeze. As she sits up she notices me standing in the cracked doorway. She gives me a devilish grin and slowly walks toward the door. Man, she’s fucking beautiful all naked and glistening. I’m sure she’s going to slam it in my face but instead, she opens the door and pulls me by my tie to the Esse. Her boyfriend just looks at me with a smirk and shrugs. She sits me down where she had been and with my dick sticking straight out of my pants. I know I’m going to have a front-row seat to the best fucking ever.

She bends over the higher end and her boyfriend thrusts his big cock into her dripping pussy. He’s railing her hard and she starts to moan and throws her head back. Her boyfriend smiles slyly at me and slowly pushes on her back easing her face toward my throbbing cock. She looks me in the eyes as she licks the tip then licks her lips. It takes all my energy to not immediately cum in her mouth as she sucks me in deep. Her mouth is so hot and wet that I feel my dick get harder. I reach forward and squeeze her full, plump breasts delighting in their feeling in my hands. She sucks harder and faster while stroking my shaft. She moves her other hand toward my balls and plays with them gently. She slowly moves a finger toward my asshole circling and penetrating me. I can’t take all the sensations!

I see her boyfriend ramming her so hard and he’s starting to arch back like he’s going to shoot his wad any moment. She humming and moaning against my cock taking me so deep. Giving me so much pleasure all over. I feel it building from my toes and know I can’t hold out much longer. Her boyfriend picks up his pace and I can tell he’s so close too. He starts to yell out and I know he’s filling her pussy with his cum. I tell her I’m going to cum and she sucks me harder taking me all the way down her throat. Oh fuck! I start to explode in her mouth and scream her name. She takes it all as her body starts to shake and quiver with her orgasm ripping through her. She collapses down partially lying on me and her boyfriend has fallen down to the floor. As her breathing finally slows she says to no one in particular, “we should’ve done that a long time ago…”



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