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As I stepped out of the Friday evening heat into the cool of the living room, I heaved a sigh of relief at another week done. But then I heard moaning and squeals from down the hallway. As I kicked off my loafers and headed that direction, the sound resolved into words. “Oh, God! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuuuuck meee!” Followed by more grunts and moans, and then a different voice: “Ouch! You bit.”

I came around the corner into the rumpus room to see quite a bit of rumpus. My wife, Maggie, was on her back on the Liberator Zeppelin, her long blonde hair spread all round her head, sweat on her brow, and a line of drool trailing from her mouth to our neighbor Peg’s breast. Peg was propped on her elbows over Maggie, her ass bouncing up and down, her short red hair bouncing in time. The purple strap around her waist made it obvious she was wearing a dildo harness and giving Maggie a serious screwing.

I smiled. Peg’s husband Tom must be away for another weekend “conference.” She usually spent those weekend naked at our place, playing.

Peg heard me. She paused in her thrusting, looked up and smiled back. “She bit my tit. I think she needs to be taught a lesson. Do you want to fuck her in the ass, Pete?”

I had already been shedding my Friday khakis and my penis responded to the suggestion as Peg pulled out and rolled Maggie over, making quick work of cuffing her into a Taleo spreader bar. I realized Maggie was wearing a leather collar. That meant she was in one of her submissive moods and was going to spend the weekend acting out and enjoying the punishments we delivered. This was just the first.

Maggie was head down, ass up, with Peg pouring lube between her cheeks. I dropped my boxers and lifted Maggie’s face by the ring on her collar. She was looking straight at my erection. “You need to make this nice and wet. You know where it’s going.” She smiled, looked up at me, said, “Yes, sir”. She ran her tongue around my head, and then sucked my whole prick into her mouth.

From Maggie’s other end, Peg declared, “Two fingers sliding right in. Ready when you are, Pete.” I walked around the Zeppelin and Peg grabbed my cock with her already slick fingers, adding more lube. As I climbed on and walked forward on my knees, Peg kept stroking me, getting me harder, which I didn’t think was possible.

She aimed my prick at my wife’s back door and gave my ass a swat. “Go to it, stud.” I pushed against the resistance and my head popped in. Maggie moaned. A little more wiggling, a little more thrusting, a little more relaxing of her sphincter muscles, and I was all the way in. Maggie managed to groan out, “So tight! So full!” I leaned forward, reached around and grabbed Maggie’s boobs.

But then I felt Peg’s finger sliding into my ass, probing. “Feeling lucky, Pete? Want to be the middle man in a three-man butt fuck?”

I responded by pulling a bit out of Maggie’s ass, and taking Peg’s finger a little farther up mine. “Oh hell, yes!” She poured in a little more lube, and twisted her hand a little, teasing my prostate.

But then she pulled her hand out. I felt her step off the Zeppelin. She reappeared in front of me and lifted my chin, aiming her double-ended strap-on dick at me. “You need to make this nice and wet. You know where it’s going.” I smiled at her quoting my own line back to me, and took her cock into my mouth in one slurp, tasting my wife on it. She laughed at how she was teasing, stepped back and repositioned herself behind me.

I felt her at my back door pressing forward. I pulled out of Maggie’s behind to meet her.

And we continued. I thrust into Maggie. Peg thrust into me. Peg pulled out of me. I fucked myself onto Peg’s cock. I fucked back into Maggie’s ass. Peg fucked into my ass. It was amazingly hot to be getting it both ways, feeling Peg’s warm breath on my neck, her firm breasts pressed against my back.

I squeezed my wife’s breasts as I thrust. Maggie moaned and I moved to pinch her tits. I tugged on them, as Peg reached around me and started pinching my own nipples in time with her thrusts.

By now, Peg was picking up her pace. She started fucking in time with me, so she was actually fucking Maggie’s ass with my dick. She was starting to moan herself, pinching my nipples harder and harder, breathing faster. I stopped moving my cock, and just let Peg screw me, moaning at each thrust of her strap-on in my ass. When I yelled “oh, fuck me!,” her sounds got higher and higher pitched, the pinches on my tits turned to twists as she got closer to cumming. Then she was over the edge, screaming.

She stopped, out of breath. “Your turn,” she whispered in my ear. She held my hips as I pounded Maggie’s ass, along for the ride. My back thrusts pushed the business end of her strap-on deeply into my own ass but also pressed against her pussy. Maggie started to moan, pushing me over the edge. As I exploded, we collapsed sideways, catching our breath.

We barely left the Zeppelin for the next two days. It was one of our best weekends ever.



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