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Lusty Lit 2018: Sleepy Encounter

Combos can be a great thing but when you’ve been waken up by your lover is it? I was sound asleep when I felt small kisses trailing up my body starting with my toes.  The slow licking and soft kisses aroused me out of my sleep and I began to feel a need to be relieved of the tension building in my nether region. As he reached my thighs with those soft kisses I tried to move my legs further apart but it seemed that they had been tethered with something.  I couldn’t actually see what it was because he had blocked my view by putting a Helix Leather Blindfold over my eyes and that’s when I felt the padded neck brace behind my neck.         

I realized that somehow he had managed to put the Liberator Slingshot on me without waking me up.  I cocked my head in a knowing way cause this was our first time using this fetish toy that was bought along with the Black Label Wedge.  As he began to bite my inner thighs leaving those luscious love bites of his I felt the wedge being pulled onto the bed.

 “Lift your ass up so I can position this under your body, honey,” he ordered. I lifted my rear end and he positioned the wedge beneath my backside.  After everything was in place he sucked my clitoris so I could have my first orgasm of the night. As I slowly came down from that orgasm he decided to stick two fingers into my ass and his long luscious tongue back into my vagina.

I asked, “When will we get to the show, sir?”

“When I feel that you are fully awake my pet,” he answered.

I came again with a resounding scream of his name and that’s when he brought that magnificent cock of his out and entered my vagina tugging me towards him.

He pulled on the bands attached to the slingshot and used them to propel himself against my body without using a lot of his own body weight.  He slowly pumped himself between my legs using the wedge as an anchor for my body to stay right where he had positioned me while I was sleeping. As he was tugging my body towards him he took my blindfold off remarking, “I want to watch you cum this time.”

I enjoyed the slow calculating pumps as he entered my body albeit I never thought he had it in him to ever wake me up for his sexual proclivities.  The pulling of the bands did force me to come up out of my sleep and awoke my body to enjoy the ins and outs of my Dom’s giant cock as he pumped my body.  “How did you manage to put this sling on without me waking up?” I asked as I searched and grabbed for the loose straps on the slingshot to steady myself.

He didn’t answer but smiled mischievously at me and continued his pumping action. He lowered his head and began to suck on my breasts, which always made me hotter and faster to cum.  But before I could cum he seized pumping and pulled completely out.  He lowered his head to my cunt and began to lick the juices that had already started leaking.

“Mmmmm baby that tastes good,” I heard him whisper as he steadily licked. 

I screamed, “Please let me cum sir!”

He shook his head no and as my body began to tremble from his sucking and licking he abruptly stopped.  His head lifted up and he moved towards my face and gave me a long and luscious kiss on the lips.  “How does that taste?” he asked.

“It was sweet and delicious.”

He smiled and reentered me with that humongous dick and vigorously pumped away this time to make sure I got my relief at least that was what I thought he was going to do.  But he slowed down again to tease my clitoris with the head of his dick.  The shallowness of his pumps made me writhe beneath him and my body began to shiver from the tension that was building in my body again.  I looked into my Dom’s beautiful blue eyes hoping he would see the pain he was causing me by not letting me cum.  

He finally relented and told me to cum as he continued to pump using the straps on the sling to batter my body with his.  He yelled out my name as he came and slumped onto my body, which was now so awake that all I wanted was more.


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