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Lusty Lit 2018 Quite the Predickament

My wife really blew it!  She failed to properly identify me in Round 1 and now we aren’t paired together.

My partner, Amber, is at least attractive.  She also has game.  In Round 1, where the women wear blindfolds and suck the guys’ dicks to identify which one belongs to their husband, I lost it.  Rather than being surprised when I exploded in her mouth, Amber reveled in it.  She yanked on my member to milk me, ensuring that she had gotten every last bit of cum I had to offer.

The women call the shots at this gathering.  Given the unprecedented and monumental blunder in the pairing process, the women decide to give the first picks to my wife and Amber.  They play Rock/Paper/Scissors to determine who goes first.  Amber wins.

Amber leads the descent to the basement, where there’s an assortment of Liberator items.  Amber says nothing, simply grabs me by my penis, and leads me to her choice, the Black Label Prelude Bed Bench.  She pushes me down on it and begins to bind my wrist with a leather cuff.  Upon finishing, she slides her ample breasts across my face on her way to working on my ankles.

My wife appears in my field of vision, along with her new friend, Amber’s husband, Rod.  Knowing my wife’s affinity for bondage, I’m unsurprised when she chooses the Black Label Ramp and Center Stage a couple yards from where I’m being restrained.  As she walks by, I look for any sense of the type of panic I’m experiencing and sense none.  Rod, who is quite well endowed, begins binding my wife’s wrists, per her instruction.

Meanwhile, Amber has finished with my ankles and begins on my last wrist.  My thoughts shift to what’s next, as my wife and I had never discussed what to do in this scenario; it never seemed like a possibility before now.  I’m not left to my own thoughts very long.  Amber bends down and whispers into my ear that she isn’t ready for me yet.  She indicates that after she is done securing me, she is going to sit on my face and I am to pleasure her until she cums in my mouth.  “Paybacks,” she says with a smile.  My cock rises to further attention in response.  Amber isn’t pleased with her work on my ankle restraints and goes to rectify the situation.  This gives me the opportunity to look towards my wife for signals on how to proceed.

I turn in my wife’s direction just in time to see her spread her legs wide open to accept Rod’s engorged johnson.  As he enters her, she lets out a whimper and proceeds to wrap her legs around him, pulling him deeper inside her.  As Rod begins to establish his rhythm in banging my wife, she lets out pleasurable moans that grow in intensity each time he drives into her.  I have the feedback I need.

Amber straddles me, bringing my attention back to my own situation.  She saw me looking in my wife’s direction, and asks how I like seeing Rod fuck her.  Without waiting for an answer, she says “Let’s show them how it’s done,” and plants her pussy on my face.  She begins to softly moan as I tongue her folds and suck on her clit.  After a bit, I split her lips and begin tongue fucking her.  Amber starts to tremble on my face and her moans turn to screams.  I am quickly rewarded for my efforts with a gush of Amber’s love juices.

Immediately after coming all over my face, she points at my cock, and yells “I need that now!”  Not a problem; my erection is rock hard.  Amber removes herself from my face and proceeds to mount me Reverse Cowgirl.

My bulging head splits her pink folds en route to her fully enveloping my shaft.  The feeling of her wet pussy sliding up and down my prick is incredible.  She alternates between riding me slowly for several strokes to tease me and several fast strokes to please herself.  The sight of my cock, now glistening with Amber’s juices, entering and exiting her is definitely a turn on.  After a few more strokes, I feel her tighten up around me as she orgasms and soaks my package.

Although I had never seen this woman prior to tonight, nevermind fucked her before, Amber’s astutely aware.  She turns 180 degrees to face me in Traditional Cowgirl position upon feeling my dick quiver inside her.  I think she wants to see my face to judge how much more she can screw me before her ride comes to an explosive end.  While I struggle to hold off, Amber is making that task more difficult with each stroke.  The new view of her tits bouncing up and down as she vigorously rides me isn’t helping matters.  She senses the end is near and prepares to dismount, but not before her pussy gives my cock one last tight hug.

That does it; the head of my shaft begins to throb as my orgasm arrives.  Amber skillfully places her index finger underneath one side of my mushroom and her thumb on the other, just below my man clit, and squeezes me tightly to prevent me from ejaculating.  She positions herself so my seed will land on her and releases her grip.  I forcefully shoot my load all over her tits.  I’m taken aback by the volume I shower her with, given I had emptied myself into her mouth earlier.

“Way to make the best of a screw-up,” I say.  With a wink, Amber replies, “Who says it was a screw-up?”  I’m momentarily confused until I look over at my wife.  She is completely covered in Rod’s cum and is winking back at Amber.

My wife then turns to Rod and starts sucking her juices off his dick to get him ready to fill her again.  He’s eager to oblige, judging by his cock’s rapidly expanding size…

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