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Lusty Lit 2018 More Time to Play

Now that we are “empty nesters”, our lives have changed. We have the time and the privacy to play.  Occasionally, one of us will provide the other with a sexual gift. It is one person giving totally to the other without expecting or receiving pleasure in return. This is a treasure that is at its best when not expected by the receiver.

Recently, on a sunny day, she came home from an afternoon of shopping and running errands. I handed her a glass of her favorite wine and led her to the privacy of her bath. After a nice relaxing bath, she discovered her favorite two-piece lingerie set that I had arranged on the bed.

Emerging from the bedroom in her silk robe with a hint of the lingerie showing, she was given a wine refill and followed me to the dining room for a meal I had prepared.

After dinner, we relaxed and enjoyed the view from our private deck. I was massaging her neck and shoulders, with an occasional detour to her wonderful breasts.  When I thought she was ready, we moved into the bedroom where classical music was playing and the lighting was low. I removed her robe and motioned her to lay on the bed on her stomach. I began with her knees and licked and kissed upward. Upon reaching her panties, I moved to her neck and worked down her back. When I reached her sexy bra, I removed it and continued downward. From the small of her back, I moved to her waist where I removed her panties. Using short and long tongue strokes, I went between her cheeks until I tasted her sweetness. I returned to her upper back and resumed my downward pattern again giving special attention between her cheeks. Up and down, side to side, I concentrated on one area then moved to another. When concentrating on her neck, I took the opportunity to reach under her and caress her breasts.

Our special piece of furniture, “The Hipster” was waiting for the next phase. She positioned herself for maximum comfort and availability. Giving plenty of attention to her breasts and neck I sensed a strong feeling of want in her body. I was not in a hurry. I moved between her legs and slowly explored every inch of her beautiful shaved pussy with my tongue. Because she is always multi-orgasmic, I started each rise and fall differently. Using different speeds and pressure, I brought her to a trio of intense climaxes. Letting her relax for a few moments I started again, but this time I brought something extra. We have a decent selection of toys, but her favorite non-vibrating item is a realistic dildo. A few moments after resuming my oral attention to her clitoris, I moved the tip of the toy under my chin and slowly inserted it into her wetness. Very soon she was thrashing and screaming through a flood of orgasmic contractions.

I removed “The Hipster”, covered her with a comforter and lay down beside her. I waited for her to relax and recover.  I fondled her breasts, rubbed her stomach, and moved close enough to suck on a nipple. I then put a finger into her folds and gave a little more attention to her clitoris. Her climax was quick and intense.

Fully satiated sexually, I moved her under the bed covers still in the nude. I joined her and moved closer so I could rest my hand on her hip.  Lying next to her as she went to sleep, two exciting things went through my mind. Recalling the last hour and the response of her body, and looking forward to the day when she surprises me with a giving experience on “The Hipster”.

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