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Lusty Lit 2018: Eager Servant

He had been summoned to her chamber, and he was eagerly on his way. He had only belonged to this mistress for a few months now, and he wanted desperately to please her.

It seemed a lifetime ago that he stumbled onto this island of Amazons. He couldn’t remember much of his life before; only that when he was offered the choice of being set adrift in the ocean or remain here as a servant for the rest of his life, he chose to live on this beautiful island. There were a small number of men here with a variety of stories, but he was the youngest and most muscular. That made him a trophy and a status symbol for whoever his mistress happened to be.

She was a high-ranking general, leader of the island’s military forces. In form, she was feminine and beautiful, but strong and athletic. Her role was a stressful one, liaising between political leaders and the military. She wanted to serve the island’s citizens as best she could, but the worries and stresses were great.

He stepped into her antechamber. Three maidens awaited him, and they bid him enter her chamber. Two of them ushered him inside, walking past their mistress’s bathing pool, where two other maidens scrubbed her gorgeous body in the warm water. On his way past, he bowed his head in respect and said: “Mistress, always a pleasure to see you.” She said nothing but nodded her head to him in return.

He knew what came next. The maidens escorted him over to a strange-looking lounger. He’d heard the maidens refer to it as the Esse II Black Label. It was curved to be wonderfully comfortable; narrow enough to straddle yet wide enough to sit and lay on. He stripped to his undergarment and handed his clothes to one of the maidens, while the other maiden handed him a pair of padded leather bracelets. He put them on, one on each wrist, and held both hands out for the maidens to lock them each closed. He repeated the process on his ankles, then straddled the chaise and sat down in it. From underneath the chaise, the maidens pulled straps that they connected to the bracelets on his four limbs. Cinching them tight, they immobilized him.

One maiden unbuttoned his undergarment to reveal his chastity device. She unlocked and removed it, while the other cleaned him with a sponge. One of them gave him a sip of something that tingled enough to make him erect. She then applied a warm cream to his member; he learned earlier that it delayed his climax, although he might need something stronger with such a flawless woman.


It was delightful to watch her move her hips as she rode him, bringing herself closer to release. At first, she hardly moved; her pelvis just rolled back and forth on him slowly. Her movement and passion grew, and her breathing became audible. Soon she put her hands on his shoulders so that she could push herself down onto him harder, taking him as deep into her as possible.

The pressure and intensity built. Her hair, normally perfect, now fell around her shoulders, mussed and partially in her face. Her mouth open and eyes shut with her hair blowing in and out each time she breathed, she was sexiest as she approached orgasm. He felt himself begin to draw near his own climax, but he had to hold out to please his mistress.

Her breathing became shallow and quick. He stopped thrusting, barely withholding an orgasm as she held her breath and squeezed him. Through his member, he faintly felt a throbbing inside her. He loved watching her face during a climax; he felt satisfaction in knowing he had been a part of bringing this level of relaxation and relief to his mistress. Her body, rigid and tense just a moment ago, now became still and nearly limp. He looked at her body with adoration. As her head hung down, her hair cascaded, covering her face. As she rolled her head to one side, then back, she inhaled deeply with her eyes still closed.

Then a faint smirk flashed across her lips. Her eyes opened and she looked down at him, seeing the eagerness in his face.

She moved her hands from his shoulders down onto his chest and started slowly rolling her pelvis on him again. She bit her lower lip in an almost cruel smile as it dawned on him what was happening.

Even with the cream, he couldn’t last long. His standing orders were not to climax without permission. His eyes closed involuntarily and his abdomen began spasming, lifting his back off the chaise. She began pounding her body up and down on him, mercilessly provoking his member. “Mm-mmistress!” Surely she knew what would happen, but he tried to warn her. His muscles bulged as he strained against the straps.

She pounded him harder and faster; then, without warning, stood up and came off him just as he began climaxing. She stepped away, watching him erupt. She enjoyed the sight of him, strapped down helplessly as he ejaculated all over himself because of her. The strength drained from his body, and his powerful arms stopped pulling against the straps and went limp.

She was pleased with the way her tension had melted away, and with her generosity toward him. He was good for her and tried hard to please her. She enjoyed rewarding those loyal to her. She turned and strode away to prepare for her next meeting.

He lay there limp, not moving. After a few minutes, the maidens re-entered the chamber and attended to him. While still restrained, maidens sponged him off multiple times and fastened the chastity device back in place. Only after it was locked did they begin removing his restraints. He groggily rose and dressed, already wondering when his next release would be. He would do anything to please that fantastic woman.

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