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“I’m going to surprise you tonight…more than once” she says as I get out of the shower.

The bed is prepared, the king size Fascinator Throw on the bed, the Decor Arche Wedge in the middle, coconut oil on the nightstand.

I know where she wants me, so I move to the bed and lay across it, face down with the Wedge under my hips, my ass in the air, erect cock nestled in the middle of the Wedge, in the sweet spot, waiting for my massage to begin. It’s been a tough week and she knows just what I need.

The bathroom door opens and I see her now, the sheer babydoll barely covering her hips, obviously nothing underneath, pussy peeking out, just as I like it. She moves behind me, climbing over me, hot pussy rubbing against my leg, whispering in my ear, “Now don’t move, you’re going to love this…so will I”.

Her hands are on me now, scent of coconut in the air as her hands do their wonderful work on my back, my shoulders, my arms. I feel heavier and heavier as she works me over, muscles relaxing at her familiar touch. She moves to my legs, spreading them further apart to give her room to work and to give me a hint of what is to come, her well-oiled pussy grinding against each heel in turn as she massages my calves, then moves up my legs. Her fingers lightly brush my balls as she reaches the top of each thigh, as if to remind me not to relax everything, to stay hard for her as she rubs against me, now adding her oiled pussy to the massage, slowly moving up my legs to my ass.

The sudden thrill of cold coconut oil on my balls makes me breathe in sharply, her hands moving quickly up my shaft to tease the head of my cock. She works this muscle especially well, using both hands, one attending my balls, the other stroking my shaft, as she leans over to whisper again, “Now don’t cum yet”, doing her best to put me to the test, nails gently scraping the length of my cock, then across my balls. As my hips move in time to her strokes, I can feel her pussy grinding against my ass, obviously enjoying herself.

She leans over again and whispers, “Now just relax, don’t move, and don’t come”.

She pulls one hand away for a moment and I feel more cold coconut oil slide between my cheeks as her hand returns. She starts rubbing my balls again, but then slowly moves her thumb to tease my asshole, something she’s never done before, and I moan at the forbidden touch.

She leans over and whispers, “Here’s your first surprise”, as I feel her thumb slowly slip inside me. I almost lose it but she reminds me, “Now don’t you cum yet” as she continues to slowly fuck me in the ass with her thumb, teasing my cock with her other hand, squeezing the head, using her nails just as I like. It’s getting harder and harder to hold back.

A few agonizing moments more, just before I lose control, she retreats, pulling back and telling me to turn over, face up, taking the Wedge from under my hips.

She moves to the other side of the bed and starts using her nails on my scalp, goose bumps popping up, my nipples hardening as she takes each one in her mouth, then pinches them. She begins rubbing oil onto my chest, leaning over further and further as her hands and mouth move further down my torso. Looking up, the view is great, full breasts straining against the mesh, the hem of her babydoll lightly brushing against my face as she moves back and forth, her oiled pussy meeting my eager mouth as she continues to work her way down my body.

She pauses, her pussy in my mouth, and I hear a slight slurping sound and then suddenly heat and warmth surround the head of my cock. “Do you enjoy my peppermint tea?”. This is surely my second surprise as she licks up and down my cock, pausing to take more hot tea in her mouth before continuing to my balls, treating each one to their own hot suck. “Now don’t you come yet” she reminds me, continuing to use her mouth on me, but I am busy sucking on her clit as she continues to drink her hot tea, teasing her the same way she teases me, sucking deeply when she sucks me, matching her lick for lick, kiss for kiss. I can feel her thighs twitch against my cheeks as she comes on my face.

She slides down to mount me in reverse cowgirl. “Don’t move, let me do all the work” she says, rocking back and forth. This is pure heaven, my cock sliding in and out, she teases me with shallow thrusts and then goes deep, her warm pussy heating my cock. Moving side to side, grinding against me, up and down, slow and shallow then fast and deep. I am quickly reaching the point of no return.

She comes again and gives me permission, “Come now, baby”, that intimate command sending me over the top, as I shoot deep inside her, warmth meeting warmth, wet meeting wet as the pleasure crests and I am spent. It’s been a while so it feels delicious as my cock contracts and more and more cum shoots inside her in waves of pleasure.

She slowly pulls off me and my wet cock falls limply to the side. She’s very, very wet, as am I.

She turns to straddle my face. “Here’s your third surprise…”, she whispers, her pussy glistening in the candlelight, cum dripping on my face. “You’re not done”, she says as she slowly lowers her wet, dripping pussy to my mouth, “Time for you to make me come again.”