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Deep into the night we play, upon the plush we do adore the fray

and on a listened moan or whisper should we dare to ask

whether kneeling, standing, prone, atop, or on our backs

 that you’ll be mine and I’ll be yours behind these hedonistic masks

we’ll give and take what we desire from twilight ’til the break of day

With eyes entwined and naked limbs enfolded serpentine

Upon these racks of fabric foam, we’ll beg and plead

right angles, obtuse, acute, isosceles

roughly, soft, erotic, whether on our backs or knees

I’ll gasp exclaim that I am yours, and you are mine!

Passionately worshiped and shamed we’ll wax and wane

upon this velvish stage restrained, first hindered then enabled

  dripping wet, embossed and stretched the threads of our black label

journaling the leaves of salacious themes penned in our dark fable

exalt and laud in climaxed release with no reason to complain

My reach finds yours to make secure extremities in cuffs

restrained by bonds, strapped, collared, chained you can’t resist

my sweet delicious prisoner splayed by ankles, wrists

we’ll check the forms on pages born from Slave and Master lists

exploring all extremes of pleasures dreamed benign and rough

Her flesh does shine and glow upon the yawning sea of dark

by flesh decrees of wants and needs both latent and innate

seductively, divine, serene I’m drawn as though by twisted fate

she’s well defined by acts unkind and sex crimes inchoate

on pliant skin, or probed within, our art will leave its mark

On waves of thrusts and throes that ebbs and flows echoes a muted name

“Oh God” cannot be found confessed while fucking wantonly

as thoughts betray of beastly lusts dispatched with prudent cruelty

found between gentle and mean both puritan and libertine

overwhelmed by luscious realms we’re irreverent and profane

With force applied, nothing denied, our libidos drive the wedge

exploring means and ways to play, our effort’s not undone

histories of promiscuity this sexual saga’s weaved and spun

adepts from all our practicing shared abilities to cum

ascending upon the ramp aroused and pushing past the edge

I’ll watch you weather on the smack of leather, and behold the cold of chain

You beg for more, your pain my pleasure.  I assign deliberately

Return to me the favor please,  I’m delivered and appeased

taking turns with friction burns annealed exquisitely

depraved Sadomasochist, beheld most lovely, and arcane

I’m in command as you allow, my flame, my queen, my muse

I bend to you, for what you choose, your property to claim

Take me.  Make me, each offering overtures of pain

Every wish to achieve this bliss, it’s carnal and untamed

Satiate every request is magnanimous abuse

We provocative philanderers – your dominant, my conqueror

Named as playful pets obscene, my Whore, your Master, Slut!

We filthy, naughty souls cast upon the anvil by which we’re struck

You are the sole cumglomeration of all I’d love to fuck

Forever owned and lent we are, whether captor, captive…Liberator!


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