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Liberator Lusty Lit 2018: Be Sure You Hydrate

“Be sure you hydrate” was the response I received when I texted my husband and told him our kids were staying with my parents tonight. That’s his way of telling me he wants to make me squirt tonight, which is much easier when we have the house to ourselves. After I replied with a thumbs up, he said he had a “couple of surprises in store for me”, which usually means he’s bought me new lingerie or a new sex toy. One time, the surprise was the Liberator Wedge and Ramp combo, so I always look forward to his surprises.

When we got home from dinner, he instructed me that I’d find my evenings attire in our bathroom. As expected, it was a new, open cup babydoll that barely covered my ass, and surprisingly that was all. After changing into the babydoll and checking myself out in the mirror, I started getting extremely turned on and started to feel a little tickle down there. Just then, my husband said he was ready for me. He was standing right by the door when I opened it, and before he started kissing me, all I saw of our candlelit bedroom was our Wedge and Ramp in the middle of our bed. As we were making out, my husband put a blindfold on me and led me to the bed. He began kissing down my neck and shoulders, making his way toward my breasts. After kissing and licking all around my breasts the way I Iike, he began to lick and suck on my erect nipples, making my pussy even wetter. Then he gave me the next surprise by putting Oxballs Nipple Suckers on me, which felt terrific and made me even hornier.

My husband guided me to the bed and had me lay face down, over the ramp, with my exposed ass in the air. He then started putting something on my wrists and it wasn’t until after I heard the click that I realized he had purchased the Black Label conversion kit. Being blindfolded, strapped to the Ramp, the Nipple Suckers on and having my exposed ass in the air was making me hornier by the second. I told my husband that I needed to feel his big cock in me, and his response was to playfully spank my ass and tell me to be quiet. When I audibly sighed, he swatted my other cheek, just above where my ass meets my leg, and it sent a ripple through my pussy that made me even wetter. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold out, but I obviously couldn’t go anywhere either, adding to my predicament and horniness. When another swat landed on my other cheek, I heard myself moan loudly and could now feel my juices trickle down my inner thigh. Two more swats and my juices were now flowing down my legs, which my husband apparently noticed.

“What have we here,” he asked. “Please touch my pussy, I can’t take it anymore,” I pleaded with him.

His hand ran up both of my thighs and evidently, he tasted me as I heard him groan and he said, “I love the taste of your pussy”. Then he finally began rubbing my outer lips, spreading my wetness all over my labia, which made me wetter yet. Then he inserted a finger into my wet pussy and began working his magic on my swollen g-spot. It normally takes me a little bit of time to work up to squirting, but I was so turned on I knew it wouldn’t be long tonight.

“Right there, that feels SSSSOOOOOOO good,” I said. “Let it keep building, I want you to come hard for me,” he said, which always excites me.

He continued massaging my g-spot and it felt absolutely incredible. “Ohhhh YESSSS”, I yelled, as I starting squirting. I continued to squirt more than I’ve ever squirted before and knew I wasn’t done, as did my husband.

“There’s more there, are you ready to go again”, my husband asked me? “Oh yes, there’s a lot more there”, was my response.

Before he started again though, he licked his hand and told me, “I love watching you squirt, that was so hot, and it tastes amazing”, he said. “I think you can squirt even more this time,” he said as he started rubbing my pussy again.

I was even more sensitive this time and my g-spot was even more swollen than before, so when he started rubbing it again, I almost instantly starting moaning again, and I heard myself say, “I’m going to squirt so much it’s going to soak the bed.”

“No need to worry about that, the final surprise is that I bought a Liberator Throw, which you are on right now. It will protect the bed no matter how much you squirt,” he said.

I started squirting almost immediately and it felt like I wasn’t going to stop. Between my moans, my husband kept encouraging me, saying, “Ride it and keep cumming hard for me,” which I did.

He must have shifted positions on the bed during this orgasm, because part way through it, I felt his enormous erection rubbing against my leg, which turned me on even more. As this immense orgasm wound down, I said, “Please put that big cock in me and let me squirt all over it now.”

I felt him move behind me and he started rubbing his throbbing cock up and down my lips. When he finally filled me up, his cock began hitting my g-spot, and I started squirting once more.

When I finished, he filled me up with his cock again and I came extremely hard again. He quickened his pace and I knew he was close, causing me to come again as I felt his hot cum fill me up as we finished together, exhausted and very much in love.

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