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If you think camouflage is just the stuff of old beat-up military uniforms and cheap thermals lying around dusty army-navy shops, you’re missing out on the biggest hiding-in-plain-sight trend in bondage gear. Forget using camo to blend-in, but instead, use it for something bold and exciting — to dominate in the bedroom.

The word “camouflage” is from the French camoufler meaning “to disguise,” possibly influenced by the term camouflet, defined as a snub or a whiff of smoke blown in a sleeper’s face.  That element of boldness is seen in each of the camo inspired pieces created by the artisans at Liberator Leatherworks.

From the Hartman, to the Gunnery, to the Mitch, the edgy designs that Liberator Leatherworks creates, helps to inspire moods that strike. The look of this sexy Camo Collection can make you feel like surrendering. You can play by the rules while making a stunning fashion statement. When the soft latigo leather is strapped around the wrists, ankles or neck — it’s hard not to let fantasies come to fruition.  The Liberator Camo Collection opens the door to a variety of role-playing games and can make everything so much more expressive1409_adam_camo_0045. Whether you’re a top or a bottom, Ranger Scout games are more fun when you wear the authentic gear.

Camo is a versatile and timeless print that plays well with any of your other bondage gear. No matter your style, or whether you’re soft or brazen, each item in the Liberator Camo Collection is discreet enough to be worn from day time to play time.  And since it’s one of the biggest fashion trends this season, you’ll be able to wear out as a key accessory.

So, go ahead—spark a revolution! Do something daring this Fall—and see where all that wildness takes you.