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copyright: Mario SughiThe Italian illustrator and artist Mario Sughi has a fascinating life story. Starting his career in the 70s as a cartoonist for satirical publications in Italy, he then up and left for Dublin where he got a PhD in medieval history from Trinity College. His art uses lots of bright primary color, and he fills his canvases with depictions of humanity, often nude and certainly placed within a creepy erotic context. So, in order to chase the winter blues away, we chose these resort styled illustrations by Mario Sughi.

Sughi brilliantly captures light and shadow in his illustrations with the delicate application of eye-popping color reminiscent of vector art. His subjects are seemingly involved in everyday ordinary encounters, but this transforms into something much more intriguing upon further inspection. Whether it be a hint of “more to the picture than meets the eye” by placement of a subject or idea just far enough off the canvas to make you wonder, or subjects staring directly at you with a knowing look, you cannot help but ponder “What are they thinking?” His pieces are like a single page in a book, it gives just a hint of the story.

copyright: Mario Sughi

copyright: Mario Sughi

Mario began drawing at the age of six in his father’s old studio, who was a professional painter. Although Sughi felt unsuccessful with his initial attempts, he nonetheless felt energized playing with colors and brushes. However, his father was not pleased with the mess of his tools, and studio, and made it abundantly clear that if Mario were to stay, he would have to learn discipline. It wasn’t until much later in his education that his fathers message became clear—when you do something, do it well and properly. And doing it well is what he’s known for in the art community.

copyright: Mario Sughi

Most of Sughi’s work is produced using a Wacom graphic tablet. In fact, he spends about 50 hours a week drawing and transposing the ordinary events and people of Dublin, and his travels, into extraordinary resort style imagery. Some of his work may appear simple, but behind it all, is the spectacular beauty of a sophisticated imagination—full of mystery and magic. His endless quest is to recreate the illusion of space on a two dimensional surface takes time and tons of espresso. But the end result is an array of colors and landscapes which create a bright escape from the ordinary.

copyright: Mario Suchi

copyright_ Mario Suchi

copyright: mario suchi

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