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We could not resist giving you a peek at the best butts of all time. As the poet Sir Mix-a-Lot eloquently stated, “I like big butts and I can not lie.” But why do these relatively innocuous gluteal muscles create such fervent interest? With evolutionary theories aside, it’s probably because butts are one of the most intimate parts of the body. The gateway to hidden pleasures and treasures, only the most trusted few are able to gain access. So let’s gaze in awe, and dream of being allowed access to the luscious depths of just a handful of the greatest butts of all time.

Nicki Minaj

Whether her jelly real or not, you’ve got to hand it to Ms. Minaj. She throws her outrageous curves in the face of gravity and anyone who says more than a handful is too much.

Best Butts

Best Butts


If you like a tight tuckus, then Michelangelo’s ode to the perfect male form will rock your world. Three times bigger than life size, the sculpted cheeks of David are a work of art in more ways than one.

Best Butts

Burt Reynolds

We applaud this Smokey and the Bandit star. Burt always struck us as the kind of guy who knows how to play the field. It takes a real man to look this macho sans pants.

Best ButtsBaroness Mary Vetsera Aktbild

Long before Kim K, there was another daring socialite. A true blue-blood, Mary’s posterior landed her a real prince charming in late 1800’s. Unfortunately, the couple both decided on a murder-suicide pact. Such a waste!

Best Butts

Josephine Baker

The original twerker, Josephine wiggled and jiggled her way into the hearts of Parisians during the Roaring 20’s. And with just a string of bananas covering up her toned assets, it’s no wonder she became the highest paid entertainer in Europe.

Alexander Skarsgard

It’s very cold in Alexander’s home country of Sweden. Fortunately for him, we have some clever ideas for keeping his sweet buns warm and toasty.

Best ButtsJane Fonda

It’s hard believing this fitness guru from the 1980’s is a mind-blowing 70+ years old. Perhaps all the great sex she’s having keeps her body in shape. She makes us want to give her a high five, or you know, a low five.


The world of music will never be the same after seeing RiRi in action. There’s no stopping this tour de force, and we don’t mean her amazing vocals.

Channing Tatum

Best Butts

We rest our case.

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