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Warning: This is one envelope you can’t help but lick!

Returning to my office from a coffee run, I was juggling the newspaper and a paper coffee cup, trying not to singe my fingers despite the little cardboard sleeve. I exchanged greetings with our receptionist and turned the corner into my office, anticipating kicking back and enjoying my caffeine moment. I found an envelope on my desk, without a name, just a bold “Personal and private” across the front.

I ripped it open to discover a pair of black panties—very fashionable, very high-end—and a note, which read:

Darling : –

I love our Liberator Obéir Spanking Bench. When you fasten the cuffs to spread me across it, it arouses me so much. When you use my mouth for your pleasure, I am a high-end call girl. When you gag me, I am a bottle of champagne and the bubbles of my excitement bounce off the cork and settle in my loins, where they don’t merely pop, they explode in ecstasy. When you use the flogger on my derriere, I am an errant school girl being punished by the headmaster. When you take me, I am a concubine in a harem and you are the sheik. I melt every time.

Tonight, my love, we’ll reverse our roles, and I’ll bind you across the bench. I won’t gag you because I want to hear your cries. I’ll have the joy of seeing you strain against the cuffs as I paddle your bottom red.

But the reason you have my panties is that another toy has arrived from Liberator, a harness and strap-on dildo. I’m wearing the harness and it is making my pussy very wet. Tonight we’re going to explore pegging. I’m going to make you into a Turkish harem boy. I’ll be gentle, but I expect to hear you whimper in discomfort at the first penetration. You’ll get used to the dildo up your ass, and you’ll start to moan in desire as I fuck you. I’m sure I’ll be able to make you scream in pleasure like you do me.

Lustfully anticipating,


PS: Tonight I’ll show you something I learned with my girlfriends in college – a woman’s cock stays hard when she cums, and usually the orgasm just makes her want to fuck again.

Unfortunately, the envelope was on the wrong desk. I didn’t recognize the handwriting, and I had no idea who in the office has a lover with the initial S. Even if I could figure out who it belonged to I’m not sure I could redeliver it to him without turning beet red.  

On the other hand, my nipples were crinkled and my panties were damp. I picked up the phone to call my husband and read it to him.


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