Remember the first time a piece of art, or something in a photograph, struck a chord with you? Well, I will never forget the first moment I saw the photography of Steve Diet Goedde. It was a spread in Juxtapoz Magazine, in the late 90’s, and there in black-and-white were the most sophisticated and stunning fetish images—revealing a dark and close-up world that felt alluring, accessible and realistic. In that moment, I felt that spark of inspiration, and ever since then, have never been the same.  —A. Lieben


goedde-ulorin-ulorinSteve Diet Goedde is more than just another guy with a camera, he’s a storyteller that encourages the viewer to fill in the blanks and to elaborate in their own way. For 25-years, he has managed to depict the high-gloss fetish world in a credible way largely because of the intimate bond he has with his subjects. What makes Steve’s photography so remarkable is his ability to capture each tender gesture that a model emotes. The images produced are infinitely more suggestive than any blatant display of genitalia. His intelligent and lively commentary includes long sleek legs encased in silk stockings, cinched and corseted waists and alluring women stuffed tightly into the sheen of latex. Every outline, shadow and highlight tells a story, and it is within the millisecond of a shutter click, that we get a glimpse of the hidden-truths of his erotic encounters. We truly get to experience the beauty he captures beyond the lens.


For Steve Diet Goedde there is no limit to the conceptual and technical ingenuity of his work. Now, after passionately producing fine-art erotica for half of his life, this renowned artist is celebrating a 25-year career and personal milestone (a 50th birthday) with a series of photography books entitled Arrangements. Steve describes this project as “the ultimate compendium of my work.”

This project was initially going to be one book comprising of work that I’ve done since the publication of my last book in 2000. However, once I examined the amount of work from the past 15 years with Century Guild’s Thomas Negovan and my editor Eric Kroll, we were staggered by just how much material there was to choose from, and the word “book” became plural.  We decided to use three volumes to celebrate the 25 year landmark, both to document unseen images from the classic sessions and my newer work together as a whole across a quarter of a century.


Arrangements consists of 3 volumes and is being produced in standard hardcover version measuring 9.5” x 13”. There will also be limited slipcase editions available with deluxe prints. However, much like Steve’s visionary blend of high-quality gloss with down-to-earth aesthetic, these books are being thoughtfully created by fine-art gallery and publisher Century Guild and edited by the legendary photographer Eric Kroll and is being partially crowd-funded through Kickstarter. 

goedde-arrangements-clamshell-vol3Crowdfunding has become a popular method for getting art to those, that otherwise, may never see it. It’s almost like creating the art with the artist but through a personal investment. The end result being —the funding by generous benefactors helps to bring beautifully crafted art and photography to the lives of others and for all the world to see.


Steve Diet Goedde has two previously published books, The Beauty of Fetish and The Beauty of Fetish, Vol. II. However, for this go around, the process and campaign is much different. The funding of these books takes every participant on a journey —you are a part of the process. The minimum pledge of $27 gets you a 8” x 10” photo of the model of your choice, signed by the model and the photographer. A pledge of $59 or more will secure a copy of Volume III itself, posted to you anywhere in the world, while for $86 or more you can get the book plus a photo signed by model and ’tog. Boosting your pledge to $129 gives you access to one of the 12 special book packages comprising the book autographed and personalized by Steve Diet Goedde, plus an 8”×10” of your chosen model signed by model and ’tog. The 12 Models participating in the $129 package are Angela Ryan, Eden Berlin, Jade Vixen, Justine Joli, Kimberly Kane, Kumi, Lauren WKMargaret Cho, Masuimi Max, Mosh, Skin Diamond and Ulorin Vex. For larger pledges from $199 up to $1,500 (or more), the rewards range from book plus five signed model photo up to the Top Patron’s Package. What better way to collect art than through personalizing the experience?

goedde-jade-ancillaArrangements: 25 Years of Photography Volumes I, II and III, will be published over the next 12 months in reverse order. The new volumes each represent key phases of his output. The newest work (2007-2015) will be released first, followed by his “most productive” years (2001-2006), and culminating with the “infancy and most iconic” period (1990-2000), otherwise known as The Beauty of Fetish years. Each volume will feature well-known work, plus a multitude of recently discovered, never-before-seen photographs. All black and white and color film work will be digitally re-scanned from the original negatives—resulting in new clarity and better tonality. Volume III, covering the years 2007-2015, will be the first to be released, and is due out in June 2015.

The Kickstarter campaign for Volume III began at the end of January and runs until March 3, with a target of $35,000. The campaign goal has already passed its halfway mark at 64%, with 152 backers pledging $22,000 and just a few days still to run. For more information on how you can participate and pre-order your Arrangements book, simply visit Steve Diet Goedde’s website or go directly to the crowd funding campaign at

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