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More. Please.

“What would you do to me if I were there? How will you take me when I come home?” Anya asked late one night, thinking about Nico’s body on hers. It had been over a week since they had seen each other and the anticipation was building.

“What WILL I do to her first?” Nico wondered. Anya embraced all he had to give and would ask for more.

“More. Please,” Anya would say to him.

He loved hearing those words in her Russian accent. Nico had introduced her to his Wedge Ramp Combo early in their relationship. He would bend her body in various positions, sharing orgasm after orgasm and she would still want more.  

Anya had typically been more reserved, but Nico pulled her into new territory. He bought the Krakow Wide-winged riding crop just for her. He took great pleasure in running both ends up and down her body, tracing her curves for hours… running the handle up her legs, over her hips… her nipples at attention as he gently tapped them with the head of the crop… Nico would take the edge of the crop down her stomach, sliding it in between her legs to give her clit gentle taps…

”More. Please,” he could hear in his head as he fantasized about her.

While Anya was away, Nico’s mind ventured into unexplored realms. He wanted to strap her strong body down and give her all the pleasure she could take.

“What would you do to me if I were there? How will you take me when I come home?” echoed in his head…and with a few clicks, Nico ordered the Bed Buckler Tether and Cuff Restraints

After returning from the airport, Anya put on Nico’s favorite black, thigh-high stockings, then a loose-fitting skirt so he could lift it up and slide inside her easily. A blouse with no bra would allow her nipples to show her excitement. Panties went in her purse and she ran out the door.

“I’m here…” Anya texted.

“Come inside. Come to me,” the response read as the garage door opened.

“I’m in the bedroom,” came Nico’s soft voice as she slipped her shoes off, moving towards the candlelit glow coming from the bedroom. Turning the corner, Nico’s hands reached for her out of the shadows. A long-awaited kiss, his arms wrapping her up, and his hands squeezing her skin put Anya’s mind at ease but made her body tingle with anticipation.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” Nico whispered in her ear as he hungrily kissed her neck.

“You left me for too long,” he whispered in Anya’s other ear as the pace of his kisses and the ferocity of his hands increased.

“Let me be a good girl for you,” Anya innocently said, stroking his hard cock as she licked her lips. Nico let Anya drop to her knees and she went to work, licking, sucking, and stroking his cock with desperate intention.

“I wore stockings for you…” Anya said, looking up at Nico, searching for approval as she slid her hands all over him. Nico grabbed the back of her head, pushing her mouth back onto his cock.

“What else?” he asked.

“I’m not wearing panties,” Anya eagerly responded.

“Let me see how wet you are,” Nico demanded, pulling her up and spinning her around. His fingers found their way under her skirt.

“I want you inside me,” Anya begged, feeling him pressing into her from behind as he pulled down her skirt and lifted up her blouse.

“Not yet,” Nico responded, removing soft, purple cuffs from under the covers. A wicked smile crossing his face, he carefully put the cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Anya’s desire and apprehension grew as he laid her down, snapping each wrist into place, followed by her ankles.

“Has he done this before?” Anya wondered as he tightened the straps. Her arms and legs spread towards each corner of the bed, she was feeling very exposed. Nico’s lips kissed her skin, his teeth lightly biting her erect nipples as his tongue traced circles around them.

“Where are you going?” Anya asked as Nico got up from the bed. Without responding, he went to the closet and pulled out his Liberator Wedge. Placing it under her butt, the straps tightened further. Anya moaned and pulled at the straps, her body edging closer to climax.

“Not yet,” Nico said as he climbed on top of her, taking the head of his cock and teasing her clit before sliding deep inside.

“More. Please,” Anya moaned in her sexy accent, pulling on the straps, frustrated she couldn’t grab her lover.

“Not yet,” Nico repeated, quickly pulling out and smiling at her, knowing she was close to climax again. He quickly plunged his face back between her legs. Alternating between licking and fucking, Nico wouldn’t let Anya orgasm.

“You’ve been a bad girl for leaving and now you’re being punished,” he said, sliding back inside her. He was swelling up and she could feel him growing inside her. She couldn’t help but smile and enjoy all that he was giving her. Her body relaxed. She could tell by his pace that he was getting closer to a release, which made her cum.  

“Give it to me,” Anya moaned, thinking about his warm load hitting her skin.

“Give it to me. Please,” Anya howled again, pulling at the straps like a fox in a trap. Nico released one hand and she immediately released the other.

“More. Please,” Anya begged, as she squeezed her breasts, knowing those words were magic to his ears.

With a few final thrusts, Nico pulled out, exploding all over her. Anya closed her eyes, feeling the warmth inside and out. Her body tingling, she felt Nico slide his cock back into her, pressing his body in close.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he said. “Now I’m going to reward you for being such a good girl. Welcome home.”

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