Break out the pointy ears, fluffy tails, collars, and leashes because it’s time to immerse yourself in the erotic world of pet play. Humans turning into animals is an age-old theme found around the world and is documented throughout cultures from ceremonial dances to fairy tales to hieroglyphics inside the ancient pyramids.

Although most modern fantasy role-playing now involves someone playing out a professional character—like a nurse, doctor, or police officer—pet play lets people act out their inner-most animal instincts. It offers people the freedom from day-to-day stress like paying bills and forgetting about rigid rules. It can also be a healthy way of expressing sexual desires. The only limit to pet play is the imagination.

Do What Makes Your Tail Wag?

The difference between animal role playing and pet play is that pet play is a fetish within BDSM. The human animal is typically subservient to their handler, much like an actual, well-trained pet. The person assuming the pet role derives satisfaction and pleasure of adopting the animal’s characteristics into their fantasy-world in fetish scenes. The dominant role, the owner, derives pleasure from owning the pet and training it, giving the submissive the pleasure of having his/her’s fantasy facilitated into the transformed state of mind.

What’s Your Animal Totem?

Pet play enthusiasts commonly assume roles of puppies, kittens, rabbits, piglets, ponies, or baby foxes. The great thing about pet play is that the creativity is endless. Most people enhance the pet play fantasy by donning pet accessories like simple collars and leashes to animal ears and furry butt plugs. However, there are those who enjoy more elaborate costumes like full body leather and latex to animal masks.

Pet Play Mentality

If you really think about it, pet play is no different from the imaginary role playing we did as children. Unfortunately, pet play suffers from a bit of a stigma mostly because it’s something unusual and confusing. To put it simply, just because someone enjoys dressing as a pony or dog, it does not mean they want to be an animal or have sex with them. It’s just that they find letting go of control and submitting to discipline a cathartic experience.

Erotic Theatre

Have you ever just wanted to bark at the moon? Purr loudly when given some attention? Wag your tail when excited? Pet play is all about the fantasy. The sky’s the limit, really. You can drink and eat out of bowls or incorporate elements of training or just let someone groom you. For many people, the point in playing a pet is the mental head space. You still get to retain your humanity while begging for a treat.

Nature and Nurture

A lot of couples enjoy the dynamics of a nurturing interaction where they can leave their human troubles behind safely. Sex is not always a requirement when engaging in pet role play. For some, it as an opportunity for being mischievous like pulling paper towels across the room or knocking things off tables like a bad kitty. Most importantly though, feeling loved, cherished, and protected is what most people and pets crave. This might include stroking, petting, brushing and grooming while offering up “special” treats and rewards.

The Path Toward Pet Play

Like any other relationship, the erotic world of pet play is about trust and finding ways of confidently developing a pet persona. The following are some example of pet roles and behaviors you can adopt.

  • Kitten – affectionate, mischievous, nocturnal, cuddly
  • Pup – energetic, playful, eager to please, love doing tricks for treats.
  • Fox – energetic, curious, excitable, playful, expressive
  • Piglet– docile, loves nipple play, being led/tied
  • Pony – dressed in gear, enjoys training, loves to be paraded

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