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Is Your Memory Foam Mattress Killing Your Sex Life?

Let’s think about this for a moment — Is your memory foam mattress killing your sex life? To be honest, probably so. There’s no denying that a memory foam mattress is great for improving your sleep routine. But when it comes to getting it on, that same mattress becomes a squishy marshmallow, making it unappealing for romantic interludes. Some memory foam bed owners love their bed for sleeping but hate it for sex.

Now, we are not saying that every memory foam mattress is bad for sex. However, it seems that a lot of couples are adjusting their sexual routines to suit the mattress. How is that fair?

Your memory foam mattress killing your sex life.

No Bounce

You’ve probably seen the commercial where they do a motion transfer test with a glass of red wine. Although great in theory for couples who like to sleep, it’s not so good for those who like to fuck. Depending on the materials and construction, memory foam is motion absorbing. Basically, you don’t get any bounce, which makes it difficult getting into the rhythm and can make sex feel awkward.  

Feels Like Quicksand

A majority of memory foam mattresses have conforming materials that make moving around challenging. This can discourage couples from changing or experimenting with sexual positions. Plus, when you’re fighting against gravity, you are more prone to exerting more energy and wearing yourself out.

On the Edge

A lot of couples who enjoy using the entire surface of the bed may find a complete lack of support toward the edge. This makes it especially diffcult for off-the-bed sex positions or large size lovers.

High Maintenance

Like most mattresses, a memory foam bed typically does not come with a protective cover. And when you don’t have a barrier between your body and the surface all types of fluids can seep right through the sheets. Good luck cleaning and removing stains too.

Make Your Memory Foam Mattress a Happier Place for Sex

You can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to reviving your sex life without sacrificing your memory foam mattress — Liberator! Our collection of Shapes and sex furniture pieces are designed to work on any surface, especially memory foam beds.

  • The Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo is going to be your support group when it comes to having amazing sex on a memory foam bed. Used separate or together, these pieces are designed to cling together and keep your body lifted and supported.
  • The Liberator Hipster is a great option for couples who want more variety in sexual positioning on a memory foam bed. Constructed with both high and low curves, the Hipster cradles the body while giving a lift to the hips and bottom.
  • The Wedge is a game-changer for couples with a more lumpy type of memory foam bed. Not only is it portable, but it adapts to any location, whether you’re in the center of the bed or on the edge.

Is your memory foam mattress killing your sex life? Well with Liberator, probably not so much anymore!