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The world of porn has become the template for what people think is sexy. But let’s face it, not all of us are professional porn actors—fully equipped with bleached bum-holes and smoking hot bodies that can contort in all kinds of directions while looking sexy. If you’re like most couples, you probably hold back during sex because you’re not 100% confident about the way your body looks, or probably do it with the lights off so no one can see the jiggly bits. If that’s the case, then you’re missing out because when you spend time worrying about whether or not you look good, you end up ruining a really good time!

Allowing someone to see you naked is a sign of trust and confidence—two characteristics that can make someone very attractive. Regardless of your body type, you can still feel and look sexy with just a few minor adjustments. Whether you want to be caught on tape, or just want to catch a glimpse at your reflection, or simply want to do it with the lights on, try a few of these to bump up your visual appeal. So, what are your waiting for—-let’s get ready for the Lights, (maybe a Camera) but definitely some Action!

Visual Feast: Look Hot While Doing It

Think long, lithe lines, graceful curves, and forgiving posture. In this female-superior position, she sits regally on top as he lies back on the Hipster. Facing away, knees planted on the floor beside his body, this position, gives her the freedom to elongate the body and stretch out a slightly rounded tummy. For guys, this position enables you to lay flat in such a way that the lumpy midsection won’t bunch up. Be daring, and place some mirrors parallel to get a full view of this sensual spectacle. Or place a camera on a tripod and take aim at your conjoined bodies. Believe it or not, your movements will translate very clearly on tape.

Visual Feast: Look Good While Doing It

The Esse and it’s sexy, sensual curves helps to facilitate a position that is great for increasing the visual appeal. As she lies back, wind your way down her whole body, coming to rest in between her thighs. This position is very good for hiding those less than perfect abs and helps to hide the back end too. Plus, from her point-of-view, she can capture all the attention you lavishly devotes upon on her very happy spot. The view of your body draped over hers can be appreciated at all angles with the help of a few mirrors. She can enjoy the curve of your muscular back, sexy shoulder blades and perfectly sculpted ass, as your profile moves in a wholly porn star way.


Fuzz may be acceptable for men, but who really wants to watch a hairy behind, when you can see a woman being pleasured with infectious enthusiasm? This position, used in combination with the Flip Ramp, is another one that makes each person look appetizing. It allows the wandering eyes to sweep across her entire body or you can lift your head at any time to see her body stretched out as her breasts and nipples serve as the apex for a giving mouth. If you’re wanting to watch this cinematic marvel all over again, just strap on a GoPro camera and pick up every delicious detail.


The Holy Grail of sexual visualization is seeing the beautiful female form pressed forward with all the goodies in the air. Of course, to make this rear-entry possible you’ll need the Wedge/Ramp Combo stacked on top of a couple of and Liberator Lifts. Placing mirrors on either side and directly in front allows each partner an erotic view of animalistic proportions. This great for people who don’t really want to see their behinds, but revel in watching some great thrusting action while breasts rhythmically sway to and fro with every moan and sigh.


Strike the perfect balance between romance and intrigue with this female-powered position and the Wedge. This highly charged position really lets her play up her physical attributes like perky breasts, bent long legs, arched back and lengthen neck. You get the benefit of lying flat and letting her bent legs disguise those love-handles. Translating well on camera, or as a reflection, she gets to lengthen her body, while you get to enjoy the view from the bottom. If you want to get even closer and share the perspective, bring a camera to bed and zoom in as she rides the wave to climax.