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Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, so traditional P-in-V sex, while enjoyable, can leave women wanting more. Other than taking time to warm her up with oral, there are a few sex positions that leave your bodies open for clitoral stimulation with your hand or toys. So in the spirit of celebrating the female orgasm, here are 5 of the top carnal classics that will ensure she always hit the high notes.

Black Label Esse Chaise

X Marks the Spot

This position allows her to control the motion, but the man can use his feet for solid upward thrusting. Plus, talk about intense eye contact. Nothing gets us hotter than seeing the desire in our partners eyes.

Liberator Center Stage

Curtain Call

With a Liberator Jaz Motion under her hips, you can get a good grind on and use your body to stimulate her clit with your movements. Add in the Center Stage for more height and a solid base to work from. 

Liberator Flip Ramp

Take Flight

Let her sit back and relax as you control her legs to dive in deep. Both of you will have plenty of access to reach her sweet spots.


Super Doggy

With this super intense doggy style, the wide range of moment adds bounce, rotation and direction to your thrusts. Plus, it leaves her hands free for pleasuring herself.


Over the Top

There is nothing like a Magic Wand to take a woman from zero to orgasm in record time. With the Axis-Magic Wand, the pillow holds the vibe, leaving you free to explore standing and doggy positions.

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