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The movies make shower sex look so hot, spontaneous and inviting. But what they don’t show is how water, soap, slippery tiles and erect penises really don’t mix. The reality is sex in the shower has all the ingredients for a homemade disaster. One slip and you’ll end up in a tangled, awkward mess, or worse–a naked call to 911. The good news is you don’t have to be an Olympic-trained athlete to enjoy shower sex—all you need is little preparation and focus and you’re free to get wet & wild.

Here are several tips for having shower sex without injuring yourself

Think Safety

The dangers of slipping in the shower are real, even when you’re not having sex. To avoid any mishaps, we recommend using a rubber bath mat, with suction cups, on the floor of your shower. A mat will help give you and your partner more traction and makes sure your footing stays in place. Another option you can try is a suction footrest–the kind women use while shaving their legs. These come in handy for propping up a leg up and getting easy access to her goody basket.

Smooth Contact

Shower SexWe are all guilty of occasionally rubbing one out with hair conditioner. But a better option for shower sex is lube. Although water is nice and wet, it can actually dry up natural vaginal lubrication. We recommend using a little dab of silicone-based lube. This type of lubrication won’t wash off as easily as its water-based counterpart. Plus, silicone lube washes off with a little bit of soap after the fun is done.

Do It Standing

When it comes to shower sex, you are limited to certain sexual positions, especially when one person is taller than the other. Your best alternative for sex in the shower is a standing up position. If you’re around the same height, you can try facing each other, with the penetrated partner propping their leg up against a suction foot rest. For significant height differences, the partner being penetration can place their hands against the shower wall while bending forward a little and letting their partner enter from behind.

Shower Sex Accessories

Shower SexIntercourse is not the only option while having shower sex. You and your partner can engage in other intimate activities. For instance, oral sex can be just as satisfying. To prevent water pelting your face have your partner stand near the edge of the shower head and use a rubber bath mat for cushioning your knees. Another orgasms alternative is having a waterproof sex toy handy. The LELO Sona Cruise is a great sex for giving extra clitoral stimulation and can lead to orgasm within seconds. If toys and oral are not on the menu, use a detachable showerhead for extra stimulation.

Bathing Beauties

The bathtub can be just as exciting as shower sex. If you’re into penetrative sex, the penetrated partner can position themselves on top either facing forward or away. You can also add more leverage by placing your hands on the edge of the tub. If you’re lucky enough to have jetted tub, you can line up against the stream for some pressure in all the right places.

Shower Sex Foreplay

Shower SexYou can also use shower sex for foreplay. Tease your partner by giving them a show but forbidding them from joining you. Or you can make out and taunt each other with your hands and mouths. Then, move out of the shower and finish each other off on the bathroom floor.