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New Year’s resolutions are a way to focus on self-improvement. Though there is nothing wrong with a little self-care, let’s not overlook creating a solution for better sexual health—like increasing your sexual appetite, refueling your passion and reigniting that spark. Improve your bedroom repertoire and upgrade your skills with the help of a Liberator Shape and the Top 10 Positions of 2015. It’s still not too late to add something sexy to your resolution list this year.

1. Equal Opportunity

Sex is about balance, and the Equal Opportunity position is up to the task. This position can enhance your level of foreplay, or it can be a stand-alone sexual experience. At any time, you can switch from using your hands, to stroking your partner’s sweet spot, to using your mouth for oral. Create an equal continuous flow of sexual energy by adding a supportive Shape like the Black Label Hipster.


2. Social Climber

Women who enjoy a Social Climber will enjoy the control this position provides. The Caresse Heart Wedge helps to elevate your positioning and gives your partner the angling for deeper penetration. To reach a greater height of orgasm, slowly gyrate your hips for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation.


3. Super Doggy

When wanting venture into new sexual territory, this divine incline will guide the way. This ultra-charged, from-behind style position give couples the chance to experience deeper penetration, g-spot stimulation, and total visibility—all at once. The Liberator Lift makes it easier for your partner to be at just the right height and Wedge/Ramp Combo make it easy to submit. Plus, this position is an optimal choice for any couple wanting to try anal.


4. My Warmest Regards

Give your lover the salutation they deserve with My Warmest Regards. For the more advanced pleasure seekers, this position requires a bit more focus to remain connected but is well worth the effort. The Scoop is the perfect Shape to keep your lover elevated while the legs wrapped around their waist creates a tighter fit.

5. Deep Seated

Maneuvering into the Deep Seated position feels natural with the help of the Esse. This face-to-face position helps to develop a deeper bond because eye contact is level. With soft yet supportive curves, you’ll both be able to delight in the pleasure of deeper penetration and then lounge when satisfied.


6. Supreme Being

If E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey has inspired your inner deviant, then the Supreme Being is what you need! This no-holds-barred position, along with the Obeir Spanking Bench, opens up whole new dimension of omnipotent sexual play.  With 4 cuff connector’s and a wild imagination, there’s no end to the sweet pleasure of pain.

supreme being

7. Sunday Driver

When it comes to increasing the intensity of your orgasm, there’s nothing like the skill of a Sunday Driver. With the Talea Spreader Bar comfortably strapped to the ankles, your partner will be able to maneuver his way inward for more stimulating G-Spot and clitoral experience.  And for those couples curious about exploring some bondage, the Talea makes the perfect introduction.


8. Backstage

To be the center of attention, you’ll have to begin Backstage. Discover all exciting and new sensual pleasures with the Center Stage. This portable plush platform with bolster provides a supporting role for exploring all types of delightful sensory play. Comfort is key when trying to perfect your craft in erotic massage, foreplay, and anal sex.


9. Ladies Choice

Ladies! Sexual well-being is just as important when you’re single. Experimenting like a mad sex scientist, with the Wing, is a Ladies Choice. Using your favorite vibe or dildo, forego insertion at first, and use clock-wise motions to stimulate your clitoris instead. This position not only builds core strength but also helps release your sexual tension.


10. Tempting Trapeze

Gentlemen, regardless of your relationship status, a little practice benefits everyone for the big show. In fact, using the Fleshlight Two Play Mount can help build your sexual stamina while mastering the missionary position. Simply slide your Fleshlight into the Shape and begin your session at a slow pace. Rather than rushing through the experience, take the time to get to know your body. We’re certain the ladies would love to experience your Tempting Trapeze act.


Ultimately, sex is about love and intimacy, so while the positions are part of the fun, the real payoff is the way various maneuvers allow you to connect and explore each other in different ways.