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Sex Toy Personality Type — Which One are You?

As far as sex toy purchases go, the choices we make are not always about the price or even battery versus USB. Our decisions actually have more to do with our sex toy personality type. That’s right, no matter if you’re detail oriented, a social activist, a pleasure delayer, a recycler, or just plain quick-n-dirty, the sex toy you choose has a lot to do with how you’re sexually wired.

Want to know your sex toy personality type?  Let’s drag them out of the closet and take a closer look.

Glass Sex Toys

For those who choose glass sex toys, it’s all about the art of seductive pleasure. Since you’re highly visual, stimuli like fine French lingerie, feminist porn and a swanky hotel suite help to satisfy your romantic craving. You do err on the promiscuous side and have a deep-seated desire for danger.

sex toy personality type

Zoe Regal Glass Dildo

sex toy personality typeSilicone Sex Toys & Dildos

You prefer sex at a pre-determined time (preferably 5 minutes after watching The Bachelor). You see sex as a systematic part of being healthy and happy. While you do enjoy doing the nasty, you’re not too keen on trying anything crazy. Hence a sex toy with no complicated operating system. Because health matters the most, you’re sometimes a quality snob and really look forward to a world filled with fewer toxins and more love.

Bullet Vibrators

Not one to dilly-dally, you’re direct about what you want, which is great. You’re also athletic, interactive, engaged—all objectively good things when it comes experiencing high intensity orgasms. Just remember unlike sports, sexual pleasure has an emotional component which sometimes requires that you slow down.

sex toy personality type

LELO Gigi 2

G-Spot Locator

You like winning at sex and orgasms. First off, you have an extroverted personality paired with introverted passion. Basically, you ooze sexuality. You also place a high emphasis on receiving greater satisfaction while being incredibly open-minded to new sensations. Simply put, you’re amazing in bed and have an incredible sense of direction.


Rabbit Vibrators

sex toy personality type

The Rabbit Company ‘Come-Hither’ Vibrator

You have a hard time getting out of your head in bed. You need to feel a high level of comfort before you’re climaxing. That being said, you do get freaky by talking dirty to yourself. You like experimenting and exposing yourself to new ways of doing things. Although you tend to go through long periods of celibacy, the intense sensations from a sex toy is well worth the wait.


You approach self-gratification the way you approach everything else – loudly, proudly and as a prime opportunity to flex your muscles. You take a great deal of enjoyment in having an orgasm but don’t focus much on the connection. Can you last for a long time? Yes. But you prefer intensity over proprietary and like to do things over again and again.

Sex Toy Personality Type

Liberator Axis Magic Wand Sex Toy Mount & Magic Wand Vibe

Sex Toy Personality Type

LELO Hula Beads

Kegel Exercisers

You see sex as a challenge. (Okay you see everything as a challenge). You’re constantly improving sexually and love finding new ways of making the experience more intense & pleasurable for both yourself and your partner. The flip side of this mental game is you will occasionally let loose during sex. You enjoy the rare opportunity of temporarily detaching from your over-active mind, and letting your physical impulses take over.

Sex Toy Personality Type

Anal Plugs

Like most anal pleasure personalities, you can be described as borderline sapiosexual. You don’t just want to fuck—you want to delve in deeper and experience EVERYTHING. Extremely intelligent, lustful and downright kinky, you’re turned on by the obscure and strange. The stranger and more perverted the fantasy, the better. You’re the reason why kinky websites exist.

Wrist Restraints

If someone’s looking for a dominant lover—then you’re the one they call. You’re imaginative and explorative in the bedroom, remaining highly receptive to your partner’s desires. Nothing pleases you more than knowing your partner went on a unique, relatively kinky sexual journey and that it was you who led them there fearlessly.

Sex You Personality Type

Cock Rings

You definitely put the love in lovemaking. Potential partners need to know sex is never strictly a physical affair for you. Getting it on is a matter of connecting emotionally and physically. This is why you’re such a dynamo in the sack! The only thing you love more than romantic intimacy is reflecting on the experience once it’s over. You want a partner who’s loving makes you feel something.

Couples Toys

Sex Toy Personality Type

Solo-sex for you is not as exciting as being with a lover. With that being said, you’re a warm and enthusiastic partner who enjoys exploring all facets of sex. Being connected is what makes you extra, extra special. You like sharing the wealth in whatever way you can imagine!