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Masturbation is a healthy and natural act. We all do it!  But just like sex, sometimes we’re at a loss for inspiration and then wind up doing the same lackluster routine over and over again. Over time, it becomes evident that we are in the midst of a masturbation rut and pulling ourselves out means looking for new and creative ways to get off.

So, how do you reshape your immaculate canvas and keep things fresh? Well, let’s start with the fact masturbation is not one-size-fits-all. Some like to paint-by-numbers, while others enjoy coloring outside the lines. That’s the great thing about being your own self-love artist—you can color the pleasure any way you choose.

Here are some ways to spice up your ‘me’ time and get those creative juice flowing.

Picture This

They say a picture a paints a thousand words but imagine what your lover’s photo can do for you. For couples in a relationship, there is a beauty in pleasuring yourself to a partner’s visage. And the great thing is it does not have to be explicit to spark arousal. It can be anything you deem hot. Such as them dressed in a memorable outfit, to close-ups of your favorite body parts, to posing in a series of positions.

Textual Feelings

A cell phone can be a very handy device. You can hold it in one hand and use the other for roaming, especially while texting with someone who knows how to push all the right buttons. Inspire your desire by starting off at a slow, anticipatory pace. This allows you to reflect on the content of the text while building on the arousal. Enjoy taking your time and describe in detail what you are doing, thinking, and feeling.

Group Show

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an immersive sexual experience by watching others doing the deed. That’s why porn was invented! In fact, visual stimulation such as porn is one of the best routes toward quick arousal. With a simple mouse click, you can find all types of interesting scenarios to feed your desires. And in the interest of finding yourself offline, porn is the gateway to creating new fantasies.

Type Written

Don’t like watching, but enjoy a good book? Erotic literature can offer a multitude of fantasies to suit your style. It can be refined, or vulgar, or very direct. It just really depends on your personality, your mood, and your desire for inspiration. To make it extra spicy, we suggest your partner also get into the action by reading a few of their favorite excerpts to entice a mutual masturbation session.

Fantasy Land

There are no boundaries to our imagination. At any given time during our daily lives, we all have fantasies rolling around in our head. So, why not let your mind go wild while tickling yourself pink. Imagine yourself in bed with a secret celebrity crush or someone at work. It does not matter who. Just close your eyes and see that person right next to you in bed. Much like a movie playing in your mind, unleash your inhibitions and direct the fantasy in any direction.

Symphony of Sounds

So, we’ve covered the visual aspects of masturbation, but what about those who are more about the what they hear. If you’re like some, you may enjoy listening to passionate tones or sounds. To get the mojo rising, create your own music playlist. You can start off melodic and slow, and as the tempo increases, so does your speed. Another option is to simply listen to others having sex. Here, we found a great site where strangers upload the sounds of their own orgasms.

Self Portrait

Although unconventional, our last tip for being a self-love artist can be an extremely effective turn-on and is good for boosting your self-confidence too. It concerns arousing your self by looking in a mirror and watching. Without judgment, try to see yourself as a sexual being—as someone who deserves to feel pleasure. The premise of this exercise is to imagine you are on the other side of the mirror. Don’t be too surprised if you wind up seeing yourself as attractive for the first time in your life.