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Halloween is not just about haunted hay rides, sweet treats, and scantily-clad women donning animal ears. This holiday is an opportunity for unearthing your secret desires by masquerading as someone else. But why limit yourself to pretending only one night a year? You can use this time to kickstart all types of roleplaying scenarios for year-round excitement.

Roleplaying is about artful self-expression—just like Halloween. The only rules for a successful game of ‘let’s pretend’ involve a little preparation and a whole lot of communication. Before slipping into character, you may want to discuss with your partner the parameters of the scenario. That’s because most roleplaying involves a shift in power with one player holding most of the cards. Establishing boundaries and limits lets you set up a positive and safe space for imaginative play.

In the spirit of the season, we’ve come up with a few playful scenarios to get you started.

1. Get Schooled

Role PlayingThis fantasy is a classic where one partner is the student and the other is a strict teacher. The great thing about this particular scenario, it can play out in a multitude of ways. If the student is the aggressor, they can try seducing the teacher to get out of detention or a better grade. If the teacher is in charge, they can either “educate” the student in the ways of love or “punish” them for being naughty in class with a thorough spanking. Whichever side, donning plaid uniforms will help set the tone, and a wooden ruler makes a great paddle. And who knows where an apple can go!

2. Lights, Camera, Action

Why do porn stars seem to have all the fun? Join in on the act by pretending to make a porn with your partner. Cameras are optional, but loud noises are a necessity. Act out your favorite sexy scenes and positions while demonstrating how good it feels. The power of this pretend will have you alive with sexual energy. All that is needed is some sexy high heels and a few lines of stilted dialogue. If you do record it, you’ll have a memento to get in character for your next sexy shoot.

Role Playing3. Dipping in the Company Well

The workplace is filled with taboo titillation and can be played out in several different ways, like with a job interview. One of you is unemployed, desperate, and willing to do anything to get a job. The other is the looking to fill the position and needs to make sure they have the necessary oral skills and qualifications. The boss might need to see how the candidate takes tasks to hand, so to speak. Take sexual harassment to new heights by forcing your employee to orgasm on your command to see how much they really want the job. Don’t settle for your normal work clothes, however. Be sure to sneak a sexy pair of underwear on underneath. And don’t forget that ties can go more places than around a neck.

4. Respecting Authority

Role PlayingYou’re locked in a cell and at the mercy of an authoritarian figure. The criminal has been bad, so bad. It has been discovered that he or she has a store of contraband sex toys in their possession. Better to be safe than sorry, the guard cuffs him or her to the bed post and goes through the box, unearthing one toy after another for closer inspection. This game can also be switched where the prisoner has the upper hand and negotiates their way toward freedom by offering sexual favors. Badge, sunglasses, and a holster holding a variety of dildos are recommended.

Role Playing5. You’re My Hero

The world is coming to an end and your only hope is a hero! Play the damsel in distress, or dude in distress, and show your gratitude to your hero in the best way you know how. Drop to your knees in front of their tights and see if you can get a reaction before you even pull them down. Or, experiment with combative characters, like Batman and Catwoman, to get your blood pumping. Go to the nines with your costumes by adding a seductive mask and a cape. Whatever you do, don’t attempt the Spiderman/Mary Jane kiss without a safety net.

6. Private Dancer

A crooked politician walks into a strip joint and falls head over heels with a beautiful stripper. This premise can play out in many different ways. The dancer, wearing only nipple pasties under her elaborate costume, is being paid by an operative for seducing the Governor. She writhes and dances her way into his heart and lap. While blindfolded, the official has no idea that she is taking photos while performing oral sex. No matter how you play it, sexy accessories are required.

Role Playing

7. ICU

You can see them—all of them. But they don’t know you are there. This naughty session is all about voyeurism. Watch your partner slowly undress as you hide in your house or yard. Feel a thrill as they turn on some music and begin to dance slowly around their room, stripping down to some sexy underwear. Oh, what’s that? They just pulled out their toy and are beginning to moan with pleasure. If your partner is willing, you can take this scenario even further by joining in on the act.

8. Bedside Manner

Role PlayingThis one may be well-known, but that’s because it’s so fun! One partner will be the nurse or doctor checking in on a willing patient. The key to making this erotic is the touching. Begin innocently enough by taking the patient’s heart rate with a stethoscope. A light sponge bath may be in order as the doctor moves toward inspecting more intimate parts. Have the patient lie down on the table, fully exposed to your discerning eye. Use massage oil to help him or her feel relaxed and ready for more probing examinations. It’s a good thing scrubs come off so easily!

Role Playing9. Last Call

This scene will take you back to the exciting days of dating. You and your partner pretend meeting for the first time while out bar-hopping. Take your time a seduce one another from across the room. Incorporating wigs and disguises will help create the allure of meeting a stranger. Develop a story about who your character is so that you can build the tension as you flirt over cocktails. He’s a high-powered attorney who just won a big case, and she’s in the FBI and just in town for one night. Whatever you choose, make it as far from real life as possible. The grand finale plays out in a hastily reserved hotel room or somewhere in public. Later on, fill your partners head with all the salacious details of your night with the ‘sexy stranger.’

10. The Muse

Role PlayingIf you’ve ever seen Titanic you know how this one goes. The muse inspires with some gracious views as the artist attempts to draw each exquisite detail. We’d like to propose a new twist, where the muse becomes the artwork. Use Bijoux Poeme Body Paint to create your masterpiece on your lover. If you mess up, no worries. This paint is deliciously flavored. You might be inspired to lick the palette clean and start all over. Or, get both of you involved in the creation with a Love is Art Kit. When people ask where drives your art, you can respond with simply a knowing smile.

Got any other ideas? We would love to hear about them. Leave your comments below!

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