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Okay, this one’s for the older guys (and the young ones, too). Do you ever have that moment when you think, “Oh fuck! Where did the time go?” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you will sooner or later—-so heed my advice, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore new sexual frontiers while you can, such as anal pleasures.

untitled-279I’m in my late fifties and, it wasn’t until just recently that anal toys became an essential part of my sex life. I could really kick myself for not trying them sooner, but it’s better late than never. I know a lot guys out there are thinking exactly what I thought and may be hesitant to try anal toys for fear of being perceived as deviant, or that it will be painful, or worse yet, falsely believing that anal play is something that only same-sex couples do. Well, all of that could not be further from the truth.

For the past few years, I have struggled with maintaining erections with my Jim Dog. It’s been a challenge for me to feel stimulated enough to ejaculate. While looking for a solution, I’ve come across a few articles about male prostate pleasure and how anal prostate toys could help. Finally, I got so frustrated and said, “Fuck it. Who cares.” Nothing will ever change the fact that I’m attracted to women, and I was not going to waste any more time worrying whether or not something was deemed perverted. It was more important for me to explore my sexual imagination and see where it would take me.

Now for guys that are first starting out with anal/prostate stimulation, I highly recommend starting slow. The way I was introduced to anal play was through my wife’s willingness to participate. We bought her a Diogol Anni anal plug (looks like a gorgeous gem in her bum) and then gradually moved our way toward the Flexi Felix Anal Beads. Watching her experience, not only great anal pleasure, but intense anal orgasms, was such a turn on that it made me want to get in on the action. So, we talked about it and decided to start small. My adventure all began with the Aneros Eupho anal toy.

At first what helped me overcome the shame associated with wanting anal pleasure was engaging in some light bondage role play with fetish gear from Liberator. Not only did this add an erotic thrill, but when the time came, it served as a distraction when she slipped the toy right into my bum without making me feel uncomfortable. To be honest, it felt exhilarating as the toy instantly hit my secret rocket spot!

Once again, another false impression was dispelled, because I thought that in order for that kind of play to feel good, the toy would have to be moved in and out much like a penis. What I soon figured out was that most toys for male prostate pleasure are designed to stay (or lock) in place. Much to my relief, it felt more like a pleasure enhancing tool than a toy.

twomotorsAfter many satisfying (and shameless) rounds with smaller, beginner-type prostate toys, I eventually wanted something more advanced and with some added stimulation. I decided to invest in a more powerful experience. Now mind you, I went from very small, to gradually building in size and girth over time. That’s when I found the Hugo Prostate Massager by LELO.  At first glance, I thought, “No eff-en way is that going in here,” but knowing how LELO products worked, I was confident that this was going to be a high-end, quality pleasure device.

Now before I continue my story, allow me a brief moment to confess that I no longer feel “bad’ for putting things up or in my bum. In fact, using anal/prostate toys has really helped me feel more confident in bed, and has never altered my sexual attraction toward women, or my wife.

Back to the LELO Hugo. Although it looks intimidating, I found that relaxing the pelvic floor muscle, while laying on my side, really helped with the insertion. That, and having it liberally coated with a water-based lube made it feel effortless. When I first got the Hugo, I chose to warm myself up using a smaller anal toy and then switching shortly thereafter. However, once Hugo is in, it has no chance of slipping out. You can even sit up and whack-off to porn if you like. This is because there are two ends—one goes in the ass and curves inward, and the other rests snuggly, yet comfortably, against the taint (technically called the perineum). It is perfectly shaped and designed to stay put.

untitled-29The great thing about the LELO Hugo is that you can use it with or without the vibration mode. I think the vibration adds more dimension to the pleasurable feelings. But the really cool thing, was that my wife was able get involved using handy remote control disc. The disc itself vibrates, so she could automatically detect what it was doing to me. But what blew my mind was seeing her wave the remote back and forth. The Wave Motion Technology affects the vibration power and strength. In fact, we had the wildest session in recent memory, which culminated with each of us masturbating in a 69 position, so we could watch each other. Now that’s what I call interactive play!

After months of feeling self-conscious about using an anal prostate toy, I am finally free. With the help of prostate toys, I can attain my Shangri La moments time after time. I’ve learned something valuable too. When you take control of your own sexual pleasure, there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Based on my experience, I want to encourage other men to embrace their own pleasure portal—-both the young and old.