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Everyone’s love life deserves a second opinion. Ava is here to answer questions about Liberator products, your sex life, or sex in general. Curious about the best sex positions for a bad back? Wondering how to fit your playtime into a busy schedule? Trying to find the perfect toy to surprise your spouse with? Ava is here to help.

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beautiful girl with a pointer in pointsHi. I would like a recommendation for a good vibrator for my wife. We have one of the older, cheaper Rabbit knockoffs that we have been using for years, and although she still enjoys it, I would love to buy her something a little bit different that would give her a super strong orgasm.

Boy, have you come to the right place. And with a Rabbit, there’s nowhere to go but up in my opinion! There are so many different vibes out there that give different kinds of pleasure, it can be really hard to decide what will do the trick. It can take a while to wade through everything to find your go-to vibe.

There is a correlation between the strength of the vibration and strength of the orgasm, but it’s also about the individual and how she experiences the vibrations. Just like some women like the hard and direct, there are just as many who prefer something subtle and off to the side. Plus, if you have more build up, the orgasm can be more intense, so toys that are more indirect can provide more intense pleasures. I like to think that if you have a supercharged sex toy, you can always go softer, but if you start with a toy that is too weak to be effective, there is nowhere for you to go.

So let’s take a look at some powerhouses in the vibration department. She may try them and find them to be intense, but she can play around with the placement or vibration setting to discover what works best for her.

Lelo Soraya

Soraya_deep_rose_pers2 (1)With the Rabbit, your wife may be responding to the external more than the internal, or a combination of both. If she likes that but wants a stronger sensation or more variety, then look no further than the Lelo Soraya. It is like a high-end Rabbit, with an insertable portion, and a vibrating clitoral stimulator. There are even two motors for two different sensations.

Lelo calls it ‘the world’s most beautiful vibrator,’ and it is hard to disagree. The bright colors and gold plating adornment certainly make it a lot sleeker than the Rabbit. Plus the handle makes it easy to navigate. The high-grade silicone they use is also really special—it feels smooth and luxurious. And with 8 different vibration modes and varying intensities, there is one sure to please your lady.


The New and Improved Magic Wand 

When talking about vibration power, there is no avoiding the Magic Wand.  The first and last word in orgasmic authority—now in a revised cordless version! Everyone’s favorite pleasure power tool is now rechargeable and offers 4 vibration intensities and 4 exciting vibration patterns with an option for a plug and play feature.

Statistics state that over 60% of all toys sold in the U.S. are Magic Wands. It was initially marketed as a back massager in 1968—and I guess some people use it for that—but enterprising women had a better idea, and there has been no turning back for most of them. The Magic Wand offers unmatched power and lightning fast, powerful orgasms—the reason some women do not look any further to find a different toy.

hitachi-magic-wand-old-boxFor massaging your ‘shoulders,’ ladies!

There is some debate, however, on if the Magic Wand can decrease your sensitivity over time. The thought is that your nerve endings can be dulled over time from the strong vibrations and force of the solid, tennis-ball-sized head of the Magic Wand. I have heard several women say that they are unable to use another toy after being ‘ruined’ by the Magic Wand, or that they don’t enjoy oral sex as much. However, with the new and improved edition, this modern-day vibe provides a wider range and variety of intensities and sensations. Rather than the simple 2 settings, a woman can now enjoy going slow to fast or vice versa. Plus, it’s slimline design has a responsive push button control pad, which makes it a whole lot easier to maneuver. I’m really glad that this vibe was revised, especially the vibrating head—it feels a lot softer.

But here’s my thought on the whole “ruined thing.” I tend to think a lot of this is in the mind of the individual. Women may get used to the near-instant orgasms provided by the Magic Wand. Because it is so fast and so hard, it might be that some women are becoming accustomed to the toy and expecting that level of power all the time. But if you found something orgasmic before the Magic Wand, you will still find that orgasmic effect afterward. If anyone is concerned about their sensitivity, just abstain for a while and you will reset back to zero—there is no way, that I am aware, to permanently damage yourself through masturbation. So much of what we enjoy is in our heads, that if you worry about it, it will inevitably take root in your mind. Relax and enjoy the mind-boggling sensations of the Cordless Magic Wand, and use the newly designed panel to switch to a lower setting.

Although the Magic Wand is now rechargeable, it has the downside of being a little loud, and it still has that not so sexy clinical look. However, there is a silver lining. Women are longer relegated to keeping close to a wall plug or pulling out the extension cord, which makes this new Magic Wand a lot more fun to use.

Lelo Smart Wand

The Lelo Smart Wand is the sleeker, sexier cousin to the Magic Wand. It is similar to the Magic Wand in power but quieter and softer. As Ashley, our customer service manager, calls it the Smart Wand is “The Closer.” It does the job when other toys cannot, and it can provide orgasms that finish you off like no other. SmartWand_black_mood5

Just like the Magic Wand, the Smart Wand can be used all over your body, and it has rocking power, especially in the large size. It is also cordless and rechargeable, and not to mention, waterproof. My favorite aspect is the ‘ innovative SenseTouch™ technology,’ where the vibration level stays soft and quiet when not pressed up against your body. Once you put it to work, it revs up for pleasure. It’s a nice feature because it keeps the mood-disrupting noise to a minimum.

It is a great deal pricier than the Magic Wand, however. Ultimately, they can both get the same results, but the toy you choose will be something you will enjoy it for a long time—and what a great way to splurge on your wife!

We-Vibe Touch

touch_purple_002This vibe may appear compact, but it’s got some serious vibrations—8 of them to be exact. For women that really want more targeted clitoral stimulation, this toy will give a deeper and satisfying sensation.

It’s perfectly designed to fit in someone’s hand, which makes pinpointing the erogenous area a bit more precise. It can be used either on the side or directly on the clitoris. Unlike the bulbous heads of other vibes, the Touch has a tapered tongue-like design, and when used with an ample amount of warming lube, it can feel very close to oral sex.

Personally, I like how this vibe feels, much like the silky, smooth texture of a tongue. The easy to use, one-touch button, will let you cycle through each of the vibrational patterns fairly quick. Women can start with the lowest setting and work their way up for more intensity. The other feature that I enjoy, are the slight ridges. Try laying it flat and use a slow up and down motion for a teasing effect.  The fact that the Touch is 100% waterproof really allows for some fun shower or bath time, especially after a long day’s work. This vibe is extremely versatile and powerful.

JimmyJane Form 2

And now for something completely different! The Form 2 by Jimmyjane is an external vibe to rock any woman’s world. The most power for its size, it has two dainty ‘bunny ears’ that are placed around the clit and can be squeezed together for extra pressure. Each ear has its own motor for some crazy speed levels. And unlike the Wands, it is petite—perfect for use with a partner. Plus, it has increasing levels of vibration and different vibration patterns to allow for build up or variety. The Form 2 is also waterproof, so set up a warm bubble bath for her, and break out this new toy. She will be beyond pleased.

I’m sure that whatever sex toy you choose for your lady, she will be more than happy to it try-out. There is nothing sexier to a woman than having a man go out of his way to please her. So, your gift will certainly knock her off her feet—so to speak!


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