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Get ready to make it a night to always remember. For all those adventurous couples out there, there’s a new pleasure in town, and it’s named Super Doggy. This deep from behind position is a little wild, naughty and titillating. It can amp up the passion and make you lust for more. Plus, it feels amazing!


Assume the Position

superdoggy2Super Doggy is similar to the classic (on all fours) position, where the bottom partner is taking all the action from behind. However, unlike the classic, this position offers so much more. It allows both partners to experience a greater sense of erotic pleasure because of the angling. The Super Doggy places all of the attention on the woman. It’s almost like an inverted squat, where she bends forward on her knees with her pelvis tilted way, way up. Her bottom is spread open, giving you an unobstructed view of the beautiful treasure trove of exposed naughty bits.

Since eye contact is not being made, you’ll both feel more self-confident and more susceptible to your own pleasure. Ladies — your attention is automatically drawn to the sense of touch and hearing. Gentlemen — it will be a feast for your eyes because the Super Doggy makes your dick appear larger and aids in keeping your belly at bay. You’ll be able to enjoy the visual delights of the penis making it’s entrance and exit (over and over again) while she fully submits to the erotic pleasure of you exploring her with your mouth, fingers, and rock-hard man pole.

“It has brought more comfort and allowed us to take our experience to a whole new level of enjoyment. It puts you in the perfect spot for whatever you like and allows your partner to concentrate on their pleasure and not about remaining in the optimal position.”

– Customer Review


Shape of Things to Come

superdoggy3The Liberator Wedge and Ramp Combo is essential to making this position possible. The Ramp puts the “super” in doggie-style. With knees propped on the edge of the Shape, she is able to bend forward comfortably. The incline is what opens her up for deeper anal and vaginal penetration. Plus, the added height makes your genital-to-genital contact effortless. The Wedge (placed at the bottom of the Ramp) gives cushy support and cradles her head, neck, and shoulders—giving the arms and hands lots of  freedom to explore.

Placing the Shapes at the edge of your bed makes this so much more inviting for her too. She doesn’t have to hold her weight in any way. Her hands are free to grab your hips and pull you in tight for the ride of your life. Your hands are free too—and we’re sure you know what to do with them. The Black Label Wedge/Ramp combo, with its wrist restraints, adds just that extra touch of eroticism.

No matter your degree of flexibility, these Liberator Shapes make this position safe and comfortable to try. Whether you’re a limber Lucy or sedentary desk-jockey, you’ll both be amazed at how much further and deeper you can go.

“Any man that knows the power of the Super Doggy is aware of the pleasure it inspires. Your partner will enjoy it so much that the neighbors will start to wonder (ummm, they must be up to something good).”

–  Customer Review


Mutual Benefits

The Super Doggy is all about equal opportunity pleasure and is sure to make you howl with passion. This male-dominated position readily builds the excitement for both of you. She bends way over, her head down and her ass up in the air. You move in behind and ravish her. Alternate between keeping your body upright and bending way over her back. Nip at her ears and neck — even dare to pull her hair. In your tomcat (or in this case hound-dog) frenzy, snarl sexy sayings into her ears. Don’t be surprised if she starts to purr.

superdoggy4Men love the Super Doggy for the obvious reason alone — the fulfillment of all their wildest butt and anal fantasies. Spanking and squeezing her ass during penetration makes it more pleasurable. While she’s being thrusted from behind, you can pull her hips to control the depth, speed and motion. For greater thrusting power and deeper penetration, stand with your feet flat on the floor, legs a shoulder’s width apart and knees straight. You can use your hands to stimulate her clitoris or place a finger in her anus. Since everything is readily available, why not take a break and use your tongue to explore for a while.

For women, the Super Doggy on the Liberator Shapes offers a greater sense of stability. No more wobbling and losing your balance. You will have greater control with your pacing and depth of his penetration. For instance, if you like more g-spot stimulation, gently rock your knees and hips, in a back-and-forth manner, on just the tip of his penis. But if you like it rough and hard, pick up the pace, by supporting yourself on your hands, and ride him like he’s never been ridden before. To reach an explosive climax, slide your hands between your legs and let your favorite vibe do the rest.

“Whether you are a sexual neophyte, in a new relationship, or are physically challenged, the Liberator Shapes offer an amazing assortment of sexual positions and possibilities.”

 – L. Lawless, Author

Almost all lovers, regardless of age or health status, will find they can master many of the positions they’d dismissed as too difficult. The Super Doggy is no different. As you experiment with this position, take your time. Allow yourself to really feel each wonderfully subtle sensation that even the slightest shift can bring—not only to your genitals but also throughout your entire body.