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When you get married you are inundated with unsolicited myths about sex and marriage from well-meaning family members and friends—often times about what your sex life is going to be like from here on out. Although most of these suggestions border on the ridiculous, many are treated as gospel—making it hard to distinguish between the myths and reality.

When it comes to sex, you’d be surprised at how many of these incorrect assumptions can affect your marital bed. If you start looking for problems, you’re certain to find them. The myths about sex and marriage can actually harm your happiness. So, we are here to help with setting the record straight.

Here is the lowdown on 5 of biggest myths about sex and marriage.

All Wedding Aside

Some people believe that the moment you walk down the aisle all the sexual adventure stops. False! Studies show that more than half of married couples have greater levels of sexual satisfaction and more frequent sex. Plus, the married clan says they have much more diversity with their sex lives. Your partner is someone to share the journey with—not the final destination.


Til the Vows Come Home

Let’s be realistic here. We live in a world where working hard and leading high-stress lives is the now the new normal. No matter if you’re married or in a long-term relationship, a hectic lifestyle can definitely affect your sex life. It’s not always possible to have sex whenever the mood strikes. Some people may warn that unless you are doing it on the reg there is something drastically wrong with your relationship. False! There is absolutely nothing wrong with having periods of time where sex is not your priority. Although it does not mean your marriage is on the rocks, however; it never hurts to reconnect physically. One way of coming back to sex is blocking out some intimate time for when you’re both feeling refreshed and relaxed. Just make sure you really want it, and do not feel obligated because of this common myth.

Forever Mind

Orgasms are the by-product of having great sex. But always expecting a climatic finale can make couples feel pressured into always producing. You end up focusing more on the genitals rather than the whole experience. The myth of always requiring an orgasm takes away from the pleasure of interacting with your partner. This also goes for always having P-in-V sex as well. Make each other feel good, however, only when you feel like doing it. The real benefit is the connection you feel, not just the big finish.

To Have and To Cold Shoulder

The myth that men are always ready for sex is completely untrue. Yes, many men have higher libidos than their partner. But, no matter what your aunt says, they are not always in the mood for it. There could be a lot of reason why he not always raring to go. Maybe he’s tired, worried or feeling anxious. Especially as your mate gets older, it is important not to take it personally when he turns down your proposal for hot sex. Just try again later when the timing is better. His love for you is forever, even if sometimes he just ate a burrito and wants to watch the game on TV.

Bedded Bliss

Some married couples feel like they won the sex lottery! But then they soon discover the sex fading out after a period of time. Holding on to the preconceived notions that you will always have great sex is just not realistic. Sexual issues are bound to come up at some point in any marriage and are a normal part of every relationship. Just like you don’t stop developing in other areas of your life once you are married, your sexual self will continue to grow too. Great sex takes practice, time and patience. Embrace sex as it comes and enjoy learning about one another for the rest of your life!

Are there any myths about sex and marriage you believed were true? Share your stories in the comments section below.

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