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Asked by you, answered by Ava

Everyone’s love life deserves a second opinion. Ava is here to answer questions about Liberator products, your sex life, or sex in general. Curious about the best sex positions for a bad back? Wondering how to fit your playtime into a busy schedule? Trying to find the perfect toy to surprise your spouse with? Ava is here to help.

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askava2-980x6681-300x2041Hi – I can get it up for only for 15 minutes with Cialis and a toy. I am 80 years old and am still seeking a solution after 4 years. My lady friend told me three years ago not to wind her up and not finish with my penis. She does not like oral sex so I am stuck. Any ideas? 


It doesn’t matter your age, impotence happens.

And do I have the solution for you! Just 5 easy installments of $15.99 and it can be delivered to your door. Not only will it keep your dick hard, it slices and dices your veggies in no time. Plus order now and get this totally free set of crappy knives!

Sound too good to be true? Sadly most cures for impotency turn out to be nothing but snake oil. From the aptly named Horny Goat Weed to the scientific-sounding L-arginine, impotency-curing herbs and supplements make big promises they can’t deliver on. Doctors say that while some of these may help with increased blood flow, there is no evidence proving they can actually help with impotence, and some herbs can even inhibit your erection.


Luckily science has come to the rescue of thousands of men in your situation. It sounds like you have talked to your doctor and discussed what is possible medically, but there are still some things you can try to help the situation outside of the little blue pill.

If your heart is in good shape, your erection will be in good shape. Make sure you can get your blood pumping to all the proper places by taking a brisk walk or swimming. Every little bit will help—just avoid any exercise that puts pressure on your perineum, like bicycle riding. Check out NakedHeathy’s Adam Gates’ article for more on how health and exercise can help with your erection.

In addition to diet and exercise, try to stay positive and reduce your stress levels. Meditation, acupuncture, and yoga are methods that can help you if you think you may have mental blocks to getting hard. It sounds like you are getting a lot of pressure from your lady friend. I think you should try and explain to her that it is something that you are trying to work on, and that you need her support—not to feel like you’ve been banished from her bed for doing something wrong.

You mentioned using a toy already, but have you tried the Bathmate Hydromax? It uses water to create a vacuum for your dick. Pumps create pressure and expand the blood vessels in your penis so that more blood can flow. I can’t speak for a lot of pumps out there, but this one has had positive results. Men report that they can get harder for longer, as well as increased girth. The results are not overnight, however, so you have to have patience and use it for 6 weeks to see the fruits of your labor.

Another toy that can help is the Hot Octopuss Duo Guybrator. Not just a clever name, it has a thumping effect on the head of your penis which is totally unique and decidedly pleasurable. Plus, you can start from flaccid, so it’s a great option for those who need help getting hard. The Duo is fun for your lady as well. She can sit on top of it and ride the vibrations while your shlong is inside. A toy like this, combined with a little imagination, may be just the thing to inspire both of you.

ErectionIf you want to venture a little further into your imagination, try a strap on. When you are in the heat of the moment, and seeing her delight, you can get a lot of satisfaction by using a toy as a surrogate penis. This can be a great option for you, especially if you have already finished and she still wants more.

Your lady is not a fan of oral, but she might enjoy a toy of her own. I would start her off using a vibe or dildo and get her closer to the finish line before you begin having intercourse. Once she is close you can enter her and let ‘er rip. Go for the something she can use during sex as well for more bang for your buck, like the Womanizer. If she would prefer something that is internal, Tantus has a wide range of dildos made from the best silicone available. (Pro tip: Why choose? Use both at the same time!) If you are there with her, encouraging and enjoying her pleasure, it can be as emotional and fulfilling as actual penetration sex.

One last thing—you say that you can stay hard for 15 minutes. The average session only last 5.4 minutes, so if you are disappointed with 15…well, I’d have love to have met you in your youth!

Let’s max out those 15 minutes with a few positions that will knock her dentures out.


With her on top, you can keep your head in the game and stay focused on how good it feels. This can be difficult on a woman’s thighs, so I like putting a Wedge under your knees. If you press down with your knees, it will lift up your hips making cowgirl easier on both of you.

Maximize Your Erection

You may be getting bogged down with fighting the mattress and sheets. The Wedge/Ramp Combo can lift her up off the bed and angle her pelvis for easy access. Plus, it will make it feel more intense for both of you. As you remain standing, you can control the pace easier without having to put pressure on your arms as well.

Maximize Your Erection

This one goes really deep, and it is so comfortable you can keep her there for longer. The Hipster‘s curves elevate her rump for maximum impact, and you can keep your knees on the flat part for comfort on your joints. Getting her higher so you don’t have to bend down as much will help as well.

There is no one easy solution, but you do have options. The fact you wrote in shows you really care about your partner, and I hope with a few gadgets and some practice you guys will find a balance that you both enjoy. Stay sexy!

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