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Adult Furniture Decorating Ideas

We were recently asked for adult furniture decorating ideas from a Liberator fan.  Inspired by the challenge, we came up with a few rooms that show how adult furniture can fit into your home decor and lifestyle.

Liberator Adult Furniture

Home decor, like fashion, is about expressing your individuality. But getting adult furniture decorating ideas is not readily available. Thankfully, we have designed experts at Liberator who are are always coming up with new ways of decorating with adult furniture. Who said you have to take the traditional approach anyhow? Splurging on essentials like couches and tables can cramp your style and wallet and leave you with no space for sexual encounters. How about investing in Liberator sex furniture, instead. Our Luxe® Sex Furniture Collection works just as well for creating a welcome space that is both intimate and multi-functional.

Here are a few ideas that can make your home a sensual environment too!

Liberator Adult Furniture Decorating Ideas for City Slickers

The transformation from everyday space into the best night of your life doesn’t mean you have to rearrange your furniture. Nor does it mean having to use a darker color palette for setting the mood. All of the Liberator sex furniture pieces are designed to create a versatile space to read, relax and unwind—most importantly to have comfortable and spontaneous sex. Our LUXE® Sex Furniture Collection comes in a variety of colors along with two distinct textures that fit any environment. Plus, the legs and wooden platform let you sit higher, making straddling positions easier and flawless.

Adult furniture decorating ideas


The Zeppelin Series makes excellent places to read, take a nap or listen to music. Take a look below to see how these Shapes and Accessories work together and transform, an otherwise innocuous living room scene, into a light an airy space that looks and feels inviting.

Adult furniture decorating ideas

Downtown Dungeon with Liberator Sex Furniture

Setting the mood for sex is important, especially for those that are aesthetically inclined. While you might not think your limited space can accommodate any sex furniture, you might be pleasantly surprised at how a little tweak, here and there, can make a huge difference in setting the right impression. For instance, try integrating the Black Label Esse Chaise II from the Liberator Sex Furniture Collection into your current environment, and see how effortlessly it transforms into the ultimate love nest.

Adult furniture decorating ideas


Mix Masters

Take a peek at a few other adult furniture decorating ideas that can easily create a more dramatic effect. Adding hints of leather or accenting with rich colors instantly lets your lover know that you are in the mood for some frisky business. Using the Equus Wet as a bench, or camouflaging your Flip Ramp under a faux leather cover lets you lose yourself is some sensual exploration.

Adult furniture decorating ideas

Do you have any adult furniture decorating ideas? Show us how you do it at