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Sex toys can add a whole new dimension of fun and excitement in the bedroom. But if the prospect of playing show-n-tell gives you heart palpitations, you’re not alone. For a lot of people, opening that nightstand drawer of secret goodies means exposing yourself and potentially making your new paramour feel unwanted or weirded out.

With a little guidance, you can avoid giving him or her the wrong impression. Sex toys and relationships can play together in harmony. If fact, most couples who use sex toys together claim it greatly enhances their intimacy and sex lives.

To overcome the meet and greet sex toy jitters, here are some ways you can introduce old under-the-covers bestie to your new one. 

Introducing Your Sex ToysSay Hello to My Little Friend

You don’t have to be like Scarface and whip out all the stimulating fun all at once—especially if it’s a new lover. Instead, take your time, and wait until you’ve had a few sessions before broaching the subject of sex toys. A little finesse goes a long way when building the bridge of trust and communication. 

Da Dun Dun!

It’s the fear of the unknown that makes couples skeptical about using sex toys together. So, before raising the topic of sex toys, consider doing some creative research. Having a deeper understanding of what toys can offer can help put everyone’s mind at ease. Locate some articles or stories about couples who use sex toys on a regular basis and share with your partner. Or watch some porn with couples using sex toys. This allows you to gauge their reaction and can lead to a naturally flowing conversation. 

Introducing Your Sex ToysNo Yucking up the Yum

No one really wants to use a sex toy that’s been used with a previous partner. So, why not start fresh? There’s nothing like a brand new sex toy to make your current paramour feel more assured anyway. Get the sexy wheel of fortune turning, and take a trip to an adult specialty boutique. Checking out the goods in person is a great way to test the waters with your lover. 

Praise Worthy

So, you’ve tried a couple of times and your partner is still not keen the whole sex toy thing. That’s okay! Drop the subject for a while and focus on something different. There are other ways to add excitement inside the bedroom without the use of sex toys. Offer your partner the opportunity to explore other sensations such as erotic massages mixed with an intimate massager. Or try sexy role playing outfits and scenarios. Offering your partner lots of praise and encouragement, especially when they hit those special spots, can make them feel more confident about using sex toys in the near future.

Introducing Your Sex ToysNo Competition

The concept of “less is more” really helps when a partner is feeling less than secure. Instead of pulling out something resembling the real deal, why not start with a unique design. For women, a small bullet vibe like the Sensuelle Point can offer her precise clitoral stimulation during intercourse. And for the men, the Tenga Flip Hole is a great alternative to the typical pocket pussy. 


No one likes feeling left out of the game. To make sure everyone reaps beneficial pleasure, incorporate sex toys designed for two. For beginners, couple specific toys like the We-Vibe Verge cock ring offers an array of sensations. If you’re looking for something more advanced, take a look at the We-Vibe 4 Plus. This cleverly shaped vibe allows each partner to enjoy sensual vibrations and gives you a whole lot of bang for your buck.