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Asked by you, answered by Ava

Everyone’s love life deserves a second opinion. Ava is here to answer questions about Liberator products, your sex life, or sex in general. Curious about the best sex positions for a bad back? Wondering how to fit your playtime into a busy schedule? Trying to find the perfect toy to surprise your spouse with? Ava is here to help.

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I have a cervical fusion in my neck, and it’s really difficult to dive down for any length of time. My partner and I both love oral sex, but my neck just does not have the stamina to stay down there long. Please help! 

The key to giving good head is making sure you have the stamina to deliver the goods. Most women will need 45 minutes or more to orgasm, which can be a pain in the neck—literally. Being the oral master that you are, I’m fairly positive that you know what to do once you are at the door, but in this case, it can be the journey and not the destination that is the problem. What I’ve learned is that if you switch up your positioning, you will not only be able to go the distance, but also make her one satisfied customer.

So for the sake of saving your neck and your sex life, read on for some great tips on the unique ways to go down on her.

The Classic

We all know what this position entails—girl lays on back, guy dives right in. But what if I told you that this classic muff-giving position could be more effective by adding the Heart Wedge. I love this Shape because it has ample room for her derriere, as well as a notch in the center so that you can get to the goods. Plus, the angle will make her more sensitive and responsive. The added height not only lifts her bum, but it also prevents the giver from the exhausting neck bend. Add a pair of the Liberator Cuff Links, and you’ll have complete control of her legs—hot!


On Your Knees, Boy

Whoever made up the rule that oral sex must be performed on a bed? In fact, a bed is not even a requirement to giving the best oral ever. Simply pull up a chair and let her have a seat while you kneel in front of her. Use a Wedge under your knees for comfort. This position offers two things: a visual delight, and some playful dominance on her part. And it’s way more comfortable for you as both of your bodies are supported. She can wrap her legs around your neck and push your face forward while your feast on her basket of goodies.

Let Her Ride

This position is declared too much for England’s pornography statutes, but we all know and love it. It not only puts you in a comfortable and up-close and personal position, but she gets to control the pace, speed, and pressure while she grinds against you. First, you can lie on your back with her head resting on the high portion of the Liberator Esse.  From there, she’ll be able to straddle and mount your face. The bonus with this position is that your hands will be free to get yourself off—it’s a win-win!



Here’s one of those great unique ways to go down on her—the dirty doggy. She should be on all fours with her keister up, facing away from you, exactly as she would if she were going to have sex with you in the doggy style position. Position yourself at a lower angle that her body, making sure that your neck feels comfortable.  For example, put her on the bed with only her bum hanging over and you kneeling on the floor. This angle puts you in a great spot to rub your hands all over her backside. Encourage her to use whatever hand she is not bracing herself with to masturbate. And, please, don’t be afraid to smack that bootie.

Liberator Oral Sex Positions

Good Morning

While we all love the passionate positions, sometimes it’s nice to cozy up and get more intimate. Plus, this position lets you get your head in the game. Personally, I love this one because she gets to lie on her side while you rest your head against her lower inner-thigh for a slower, more connected experience. It lets you caress her body with your fingers while she cradles your head, and takes all the pressure off both of you to relax and enjoy your lazy Sunday morning.

When it comes to performing oral sex, always try your best and be inventive because she’s going to talk to her friends about it. And you know what they say in the business world—the best advertising is all “word of mouth.”