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Want to get more out of your Esse or Esse Chaise, including the kinky variety, or simply turn your bedroom into a bonafide adult playground? Now you can have your cake and eat it too, with the Liberator Flip Stage. This innovative, multi-purpose platform not only adds an extra 8-inches of boost to the products that we all love so much, but when flipped open, it reveals a roomy and inviting play-mat for the most exciting kind of floor exercises.

Get the extra height needed to experience a whole new level of erotic pleasure by placing with the Flip Stage directly beneath your Esse or Esse Chaise.


The non-slip surface of the Flip Stage offers an impromptu space for your favorite Shapes like the Wedge/Ramp Combo.


Used alone, the Flip Stage can definitely take your love higher by providing that beneficial lift for your favorite straddling positions.


Need to extend your sexual terrain? Simply unfold the Flip Stage, and instantly create a padded playscape that makes floor-sex more inviting for single or multiple partners.


Going from simple to extreme, the Black Label Flip Stage is a versatile restraint system that supports both the (Original Label or Black Label) Esse and Esse Chaise and creates equal footing for deeper penetration with standing positions.

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Aptly referred to as the “portable bondage bed,” the Flip Stage can be used as a rack and features a series of sturdy cuff connectors that keep your lover firmly in place.


Need additional space for the games you like to play? Unfolding the Flip Stage makes it a padded playground for anyone that wants to be blissfully bound, deliciously restrained, tenderly tied.


The Black Label Flip Stage instantly converts the Original Label Esse or Esse Chaise into a provocative bondage play station that accommodates the addition of tethers, soft snap-on cuffs and silky ties.


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