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fifty-shades-of-grey-fifty-50Say what you will about the literary merit of Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, but it’s high time that the world of imaginative sex finally got some attention. Like all the very best erotica, “50 Shades” is a mere aphrodisiacal aid and a great introduction to sparking the imagination. These books, and now the movie, has introduced millions of people to the ideas of BDSM, as well as to the world of sex toys, and new and creative ideas for sexual interplay—all thanks to the props Mr. Grey has in his museum chest in the Red Room of Pain.

The first simple steps to exploring this newly inspired kinky curiosity is to make sure you talk about it first, and if you are indeed thinking about re-enacting any of the scenes from the book or movie, but still don’t know where to start, here’s a review of some of the items (from mild to wild) that you can procure to live out your Ana and Christian fantasies.


The Ties that Bind

Mr. Grey uses the iconic woven tie on the cover of the first book to keep his sexy love slave all tied up. Yes, ties can work if you’ve got nothing else handy, but why would you want to use something that reminds you of your grandfather (unless you’re into that). Get lost in creating your own fantasies with the Liberator Silky Ties. If you want some vanilla sex with a cherry on top, these seductively smooth ties feel extraordinarily sexy against bare skin especially when being looped around any immovable object or furniture. With their multi-functional design, you can also use them as an impromptu blindfold or too just start off by decorating your lover.

lucieballgag2A Darker Shade of Play

There’s no denying that Fifty Shades of Grey lusty billionaire has a bit of a soft spot for bondage in the bedroom. Some of the most sizzling scenes involve leather accessories. Now you can create your own memorable moments with bondage gear designed to make your scene authentic and memorable. Liberator LeatherWorks has a variety of handcrafted cuffs, collars, ball gags and paddles. From mild to wild or black to white, this sexy collection of professional-grade bondage gear fits any personality and mood.

Show Me

talea.lifestyle3Fancy dabbling in voyeuristic bondage but don’t know where to begin? You can add some serious raunch-o-rama to the bedroom with the Liberator Talea Spreader Bar. This instant bondage bar comes in handy especially when you want a change in venue or don’t have bedposts. With two-cuff connectors on each end, you and your partner can have some seriously sexy times restricting one another while creating a variety of new sexual positions. Sure, your prisoner can still get up and get way, but that’s all part of the fun in building trust.

bleekerst_blindfoldHeighten the Senses

In the book, Mr. Grey was particularly fond of taking Ana to new heights especially with her sense of touch. But in the trilogy, they use an airline sleeping mask! Oh come on—for a billionaire like Grey, you’d think he would splurge for something a bit more luxurious for his kinky fuckery. A more plausible item would be the Bleecker St. Leather Blindfold. Great for a complete sensory experience, this leather blindfold completely blocks out all light and let’s the seeing partner surprise, tease and tantalize with all kinds of sensory surprises.

Getting Ballsy

hulabeads_packshotAna inserts Ben-Wa balls before going out to dinner with Mr. Grey and every time she moves, they build her desire. Sounds really sexy! If you have a hankering to try this scene, why settle for love balls when you can experience sheer pleasure with the LELO Hula Beads? This luxury remote controlled sex toy adds a sexier twist to the jiggle ball craze. It responds to your every squeeze with delectable vibration that will shudder through your body. So what are you waiting for? Get closer to living the out a real-life fantasy and make those dinner reservations now.

merino_flogger_s_w_2May I have Another!

Mr. Grey was right about this one—a little spanking can actually enhance your orgasm. He gave Ana the ‘ride’ of her life when he pulled out his infamous spanking tool, turning Ana and women everywhere fifty shades of lusty. But like a lot of newbie bondage couples, it’s common to be nervous about this trying this naughty nugget. A great way to begin mixing a pleasure with little pain is to incorporate some light spanking with the ultra-luxe Merino Suede Flogger. The pom-pom of the BDSM world, this popular flagellation tool consists of a fairly stout handle and several suede tails of equal length. To evoke more giggles than actual cries, use your wrist to guide the tassels across your partners backside and gently tease them with an occasional thwack. The objective is to start off slow and increase as your partner begs for more.

anni-round-red-003_1Open to the Off-Limits

Ana and Christian’s anal play with a stainless steel butt plug has inspired a lot of couples to get experimental in the bedroom. And for good reason since the anal area is chock-full of nerve endings just dying for some attention. An anal plug can do that for you too –filling you up, giving your sphincter something to contract around, and raising all-over goose bumps when it’s finally removed (you know that feeling). This is not a go-big or go home kind of situation. Start small with a little finger and then work up to an inanimate object designed specifically for the tush. As with any toy, go for safe, hygienic materials, quality design and durability like the Diogol Anni Round Anal Toy. It’s beautifully tapered design along with Swarovski Crystal base is ideal for any anal beginner and will make your ass look like a billion bucks. Still squeamish about anal sex? Check out this how-to article.

The BDSM scenes portrayed in the book and movie are for entertainment purposes and can be extremely alluring. So before you go there, educate yourself on what it’s like play on this playground. And remember to always keep safe, sane and consensual.

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