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By Mischi Siempre, Massage Therapist

Erotic massage is a great way to be playful and experimental. This article is more about HOW to (and includes the Liberator Center Stage) rather than a WHAT to do. As long as you are tuned in with your partner, you’ll both have a really good time. So let your feelings and passions lead the way.

I’ll refer to each individual partaking in erotic massage as the Giver and the Receiver. Since erotic massage is a reciprocal activity, you’ll both have jobs to perform. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to believe the Receiver is already naked and has given the Giver permission to touch all over their body, including the genitals. For the Giver, your job is to be attentive, caring and sensitive to your partner. Ask how things feel, and listen to the Receiver so you can make the appropriate adjustments. Receiver, your job is to just relax, let go and take in the extraordinary sensations that erotic massage has to offer. It’s important to speak up when something either hurts or feels uncomfortable.

Setting the Scene

Let’s begin by setting up your space. First, before your proceed, consider the five senses. Sight, sound, taste, smell and most importantly touch. With sight, you’ll want to make sure that the lighting is soft enough to “set the mood” but bright enough to avoid accidents. As for sound, music literally moves the water within our cells. So choose something that evokes the feelings you want to experience. Both your cable provider or radio websites have set lists designed just for relaxation and meditation.

To experience taste during your erotic massage, food can be fun, but very messy. Sensual fruits like strawberries with cream are a great way to incorporate taste. Also, there are plenty of flavored lubricants that serve as massage oil. For smell, scented candles can provide both the soft light (that makes skin look soft and seductive) as well as emitting a soft and relaxing scent. Remain cautious though—the only thing you’ll want burning is the passion between you and your partner. Use an alternative scent producer like incense. Sandalwood and cedar offer up an earthy aroma which ignites passion as well.

It’s important that the temperature of the room be set at a comfortable level. A cooler setting is recommended because body heat is generated during erotic massage. If a room it too hot, things can get a little uncomfortable. 

Silky Touch

Now for the touch. Choosing an oil or lotion for your erotic massage can be a challenge. It really depends on what your partner enjoys. If your product is too oily, things can become slippery, but on the flip side, lotions can absorb too fast. I recommend a visit to a health food store to peruse their selection of oils and lotions. You can create your own scented oil by shopping at your regular grocery store cooking aisle. Coconut oil is a great substance and can be enhanced with an essential oil for scent. To relax your partner, add a few drops of lavender oil, or to energize, try adding a some drops of peppermint oil. When you’re ready to massage, simply scoop some coconut oil out of the jar and gently rub it between your hands to warm it up. Keep your massage cream or oil close, so that you don’t have to break contact with your partner.

Your Massage Platform

Comfort during an erotic massage is key, and the Liberator Center Stage massage platform offers optimal support and height for both the Giver and Receiver. This portable massage platform can be used either on the floor or bed. Since it’s crafted with a high-density foam, you won’t sink into the bed and can easily straddle your partner while their either laying face down or face up. It also comes with a bolster than can easily be placed under the knees, ankles or the neck. The cover is ultra soft and smooth. Since it is machine washable, both you and your partner can be more carefree and not having worries about messing things up. 


What I really enjoy about the Center Stage is that I can really engage with my massage partner. The platform does not interfere with my ability to offer the utmost of pleasure. I can easily maneuver around the Center Stage, and when the mood strikes, change positions instantly. My partner feels relaxed and comfortable but also has the mobility to offer up some oral when necessary. The bolster really helps in keeping my partner’s hips stable and allows for deeper penetration and thrusting.

If you’re worried about getting oils and lotion on the Center Stage’s cover, Liberator makes an amazing machine washable blanket called the Fascinator Throe. Not only will it absorb all of the oil, lotion and love juices, it can be used to keep parts of your lover’s body warm while you’re focused on another part.

Let’s Get it On

Now that everything is set, you’re ready to get to rubbin’!  Giver, lead your partner over to the Center Stage and have the Receiver lie down.  You can being with the Receiver on their back with the bolster situated beneath the knees and start with an easy teasing flow. With your hands lubed with your special oil or lotion start by using light broad strokes. The slower the pace, the easier it is for the Receiver to feel all of the sensations. Since the feet are the most sensitive, I recommend starting there and working your way up their legs. Don’t be in any rush though. Let the passion and anticipation build. You can then work your way in toward between your partner’s legs and spend a lot more time there.


Massage does not mean your are stuck just using your hands. Be creative and lick or blow on the most sensitive areas while gently rubbing the other parts of the Receivers body. When you feel satisfied, flip your partner over and proceed from the neck and down the back. Enjoy the buttock area and especially everything in between. When satisfied move down to the feet. Then turn them over and do it all over again, letting yourselves be interrupted by your desires. Giver, make sure to consider your comfort too. Mostly, that you have enough padding under your knees or that you’re not leaning over too far and hurt your back. 

If you hands get tired, you can use props such as makeup brushes, feather boas or anything else that has a sensual texture. Again, the most important aspect of erotic massage is that you stay tuned into your partner. How you fill in those lines is all up to you!



Mischi Siempre is a Licensed Massage Therapist and fan of the Sensual Arts, located in Atlanta, GA. She can be reached through  She offers nationwide Erotic Consultations for couples or small groups, and Mobile Therapeutic Medical Massage.
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