The soothing touch during an erotic foot massage can feel like heaven. This is because the feet have sensitive pressure points that can send sensations throughout the entire body. Offering a lover a relaxing and sensual treat like a foot massage is a great way to amp up the sexual arousal. Rumor has it that some people can achieve orgasm just by having their feet rubbed.

A little preparation is needed for giving an erotic foot massage. Here are just a few simple items you will need.

Get Comfy

An erotic foot massage can be a pleasurable experience for both the giver and receiver. Taking your time is all part of the ritual. Pay attention to the responses when touching each part of their feet. So, you will want to situate yourself on something comfortable. The Liberator Flip Stage is a great shape to use during an erotic foot massage. The receiver can lie back while having their feet rubbed and the giver can kneel on the bolster.

Setting the Scene

There’s nothing more sensual than feeling warm, slippery oil being slathered on feet and in between toes. Instead of warming oil in the microwave, use one of the Warming Massage Candles. Exotic scents fill the air that helps arouse the senses, while simultaneously warming up the non-wax candle. Each candle has a handy spout that lets you pour the warm oil into your hands or directly on the feet. These dual-purpose candles also help create a softly lit, romantic atmosphere.

Erotic Foot MassageUsing the Liberator Fascinator Throw helps prevent the oil from seeping into your sheets or carpets. Plus, the soft, lush material adds another element of sensuality.

Hold It. Not Just Yet.

Preparing for an erotic foot massage is a great form of pre-foreplay. Instead of heading straight for the obvious, give your partner a chance to unwind by offering them a sensual Thai footbath. Slice up half a lime and put it in a bowl of warm water. Rest their feet in the water while you rub the bottoms of them with the other half of the lime, using it as a scrubber. The citric acid helps to extract toxins, and the warm water softens the feet and promotes relaxation.

Master Massager

Erotic Foot MassageHere are the basic techniques that will make you look like a master of the erotic foot massage. Start at the ankle and slowly rub the oil down over the top of the foot. With each stroke begin applying more pressure. This area of the foot is tender. So, check-in with your partner to see if less or more pressure is needed. Move your way down toward the toes. You can use your thumbs and rotate gently around each toe. Don’t forget to venture in between the toes too. Holding the foot in your hand use the thumbs to on the bottom of the foot. Be sure to alternate between deep rubbing and soft stroking. Work your way to the bottom of the foot while paying extra attention to the ball of their foot and instep. You can even use your knuckles for deeper penetration.

Lasting Impression

A great way to conclude an erotic foot massage is to wipe away excess oil with a hot towel or washcloth. The heat helps soothe muscles while promoting blood circulation. Hopefully, your erotic foot massage doesn’t just end with the feet. The good part about foot massages is that it is easier than a back massage and less time consuming than full-body massages. If you do this right, both you and your partner will be satisfied with the results.

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